What Are Live Resin Gummies?

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Cannabis gummies are awesome! But wouldn’t you like to learn more than just knowing that they are awesome? Well, now that we established that THC gummies are the real deal, you probably want to know more.

First of all, not all cannabis gummies are the same. Some are made with live resin, and others are made with other concentrates like distillate. Gummies also differ in cannabinoid content and THC concentration, which makes them have different effects and levels of potency.

For this article, we will talk about live resin gummies, one of the best kinds of edibles in the weed market. Why is it one of the best options for you? Read on and find out why!

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Key Takeaways

  • Live resin is a concentrate that contains multiple cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.
  • Live resin in gummies makes them rich in flavor and aroma, which gives the user a better high.
  • Live resin gummies can contain THC, CBD, and other minor cannabinoids
  • Although live resin is more expensive than regular THC gummies, every dose is more satisfying based on user reports


What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a full-spectrum concentrate made from cannabis or hemp plants. Unlike other concentrates, the process of making live resin is quite different. Instead of drying and curing the cannabis before extraction, professionals flash freeze freshly harvested cannabis plants to retain the essential compounds that make live resin unique.

After freezing the freshly harvested cannabis, professionals will use lab-grade equipment to extract the live resin, which produces ambered color oil with a thicker viscosity. The extraction process can only be done by professionals, so you must be careful when buying live resin from unknown sources.

The flash freezing process retains compounds such as flavonoids and terpenes – which are responsible for some therapeutic effects, aroma, and flavor of cannabis. Anecdotal evidence even suggests that when users consume all of these compounds together, they feel a better and more satisfying high – thanks to something called the entourage effect.

Other concentrates, like distillate, cannot produce the same effect because it only contains pure THC or CBD, depending on what cannabinoid is extracted.


What Does Live Resin Gummies Mean?

Live resin gummies are edibles that contain live resin instead of other concentrates like distillate. With that said, live resin gummies contain cannabis compounds that will make them richer in flavor and more potent due to the synergy of all compounds when consumed together, aka the entourage effect.


How Strong Are Live Resin Gummies?

The potency of live resin gummies depends on each dosage. For example, the White Peach – Mimosa Live Resin Gummy has 5 milligrams of THC per gummy, which is a good dose for beginners and a good microdose for experienced cannabis users.

If you want to compare the strength of live resin gummies to smoking cannabis flower, having enough gummies can match the potency of smoking cannabis. However, since the effects can last up to 12 hours, we can safely conclude that live resin gummies are somewhat strong.


What Cannabinoids Are In Live Resin Gummies?

Different live resin gummy products contain various cannabinoids. Unlike distillate, which only contains one cannabinoid, live resin contains multiple cannabinoids depending on the strain or the product.

Some live resin products contain Delta-9 THC, CBD, HHC, CBN, and more. Although some of these cannabinoids are semi-synthetic, they can naturally occur in plants, especially in live resin – but only in small amounts.

Cannabis flower contains various cannabinoids, and because of the unique process of creating live resin – these cannabinoids are retained as well, together with the terpenes and flavonoids.


How Are Live Resin Gummies Different Than Distillate?

Unlike distillate, live resin gummies contain multiple cannabis compounds that make the high more potent and satisfying in a way. Although distillate could have a higher concentration of THC, which technically means it is more potent, the terpenes and other compounds in live resin produce more effects that could make you feel higher than consuming distillate gummies.

Distillate only extracts a concentrate of a particular cannabinoid, more commonly THC – which means distillate gummies don’t contain other cannabinoids and compounds that live resin has. Without these compounds, distillate gummies cannot produce the entourage effect, which makes the user experience a more satisfying high.


Potential Benefits Of Live Resin Gummies

Consuming live resin gummies has potential benefits. Not only are they convenient if you want to get high discreetly, but the different compounds also play a big role in their potential benefits. In case you were wondering, here are some of the potential benefits when consuming live resin gummies:

  • Live resin gummies are easy to consume. Without smoking, dabbing, or vaping, you can get high and enjoy the benefits of gummies by eating them. It is a more discreet way to get high if you are in a public place where you cannot smoke or vape.
  • It is filled with rich flavors and a satisfying aroma that would please anyone who enjoys smoking cannabis. Because all the compounds of the actual cannabis plant are in each gummy, the high will be so much more satisfying than distillate gummies. However, it is good to note that not all people enjoy the taste and smell of marijuana.
  • Although more research is needed to prove it, many users report that consuming live resin gummies helped them relieve pain and soothe the mind. Again, more research is needed to prove its therapeutic effects, but some of these effects are connected to its terpene content.
  • Live resin gummies are highly potent, meaning you don’t need to consume a lot of it to get the high you are trying to reach.


Does Live Resin In A Gummy Get You More High?

Because of its potency and other compounds that make users feel the entourage effect, it is safe to say that live resin gummies can get you higher. If you are curious about how live resin gummies make you feel but don’t want to get too high, it’s better to start with one gummy at first.

By starting small and observing the effects, you can avoid getting too high and falling asleep or feeling groggy the next day. To determine how many live resin gummies you need to get high, you better start with a minimum amount. If you are not getting the high you are looking for, eating a couple more gummies should do the trick.


Are Live Resin Gummies Stronger?

If you take enough live resin gummies, you will feel strong euphoric psychoactive effects. Even experienced smokers love the feeling of consuming live resin gummies. Not only are they potent, but the rich aroma and even richer flavors make live resin gummies some of the strongest types of edibles in the weed market.

If you are looking for a strong and satisfying high, live resin gummies might be your best bet. They might not be the strongest in terms of THC content, but the process of making live resin and live resin gummies retains all the active cannabis compounds that make for a better high.


Are Live Resin Gummies Expensive?

If you look at the price of live resin gummies, they are more expensive than some of the other gummy types. However, if you consider factors like potency and flavor, the price of live resin gummies is totally worth it.

Because you can get higher with fewer gummies, some people save more money than buying and consuming more of the other gummy types. If that is the case for you and your tolerance to edibles is somewhat average, you can save more with live resin gummies, even if they are more expensive upfront.


Is Live Resin Better For You?

Live resin gummies and other live resin products can be better for you, but still, it will depend on your preference. Although others like to get really high and enjoy the strong and pungent aroma of live resin products – some people don’t enjoy it as much.

Live resin is better for you if you want to experience a full high that is extra satisfying because of the rich aroma and flavor it brings.


Are Live Resin Gummies Safe?

Live resin is generally not dangerous, and the safety of using live resin gummies depends on many factors. One of which depends on the product itself. Yes, live resin gummies are accessible from anywhere, but safety is not guaranteed. If you plan on buying edibles like gummies, it is safer to buy them from brands and online retailers you can trust, like Melee.

Some brands do not focus on the safety of their products, especially when making products that are not regulated as much by the government.

To be safe, only purchase your cannabis products, including live resin vapes and edibles, from brands you can trust because these brands want to protect their integrity. They would never produce inferior and unsafe products.


Are Live Resin Gummies Legal?

Live resin gummies are made with cannabis or hemp plants. Not all states have legalized the use of cannabis, which means it is not legal in all states. On the other hand, if the live resin products are made with hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, it is legal now in most states.

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalizes the use of hemp-derived products that contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC, live resin gummies made with hemp-derived THC are now legal in most states at a federal level. However, some states have their own laws, so it is better to check your state laws before buying or consuming hemp-derived live resin gummy products.


Are There Live Resin CBD Gummies?

Yes, there are live resin CBD gummies. Although they still have some degree of psychoactivity, live resin CBD gummies will not get you nearly as high as consuming live resin THC gummies. CBD gummies made with live resin focus on the therapeutic effects rather than the psychoactive side of things.

Live resin CBD gummies may help with muscle soreness, stress, and for relaxation – but they will not get you high, which means taking CBD gummies is ideal if you just want to experience the therapeutic effects instead of getting high.


Final Thoughts On Live Resin Gummies

Consuming live resin gummies is the best choice for most cannabis enthusiasts, especially for cannabis smokers who enjoy everything about smoking weed – from the flavor to the strong aroma.

Even if live resin gummies are potent, an average cannabis user can microdose it to get an ideal high without going over their limit. Indeed, live resin gummies are sometimes more expensive than distillate or other types of THC gummies, but with all the advantages that would please most smokers – the benefits would still outweigh the price.


Where To Buy Regular And Live Resin Gummies Online

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