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Does Live Resin Make You High?

In a market area, a man is holding a pack of Live Resin Mandarin Cookies in his hand.

The cannabis industry is always developing new ways to get you high. For some cannabis enthusiasts, nothing beats smoking actual cannabis flower. Whether you are a bong, a joint, or a bowl person – according to long-time cannabis users, nothing hits better than smoking buds! However, not all states have taken the step to legalize […]

What Is Live Resin Delta-8?

Three packs of Melee Dose 2000mg live resin with Blueberry Mutant Cake flavor against a multicolored background

Delta-8 is known for being a less-intense version of Delta-9 THC – which is the primary psychoactive substance and most popular cannabinoid in weed. Delta-8 might offer a milder high, but live resin Delta-8 is something else entirely. With newer extraction methods that retain some of the most important compounds of cannabis and hemp, Delta-8 […]

Difference Between Live Resin And Regular Vape

A green-colored pack of 2000mg Live Resin with watermelon Mimosa flavor sits beside a vape and sunglasses on a wooden table

Many smokers, both casual and long time smokers alike, find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to choosing between live resin vapes vs. regular vapes, especially because there are clear differences between these two choices. The argument of which is better is subjective, and it all comes down to user preference. Knowing and understanding […]

Is Live Resin Dangerous?

Woman on a couch holding a diamond gummy from Melee Dose.

Many cannabis users love that stuff; they like how it makes them feel. Relaxed, happy, euphoric, creative, contented, etc., are some adjectives commonly used to describe these feelings. But the fun is punctuated with safety concerns because different forms of cannabis affect users differently. So, there is a concerted effort to develop accessories and cannabis […]

Does Live Resin Get You Higher Than Distillate?

Woman vaping with a glass wall behind her.

Vaping is one of the neatest ways to get high. It’s discreet, and the smell doesn’t stick. But, more importantly– it is really convenient. But if you are not updated on vape terms like live resin or distillate, you might not get the high you expect. With so many vape options, getting something that matches […]