Is Live Resin Dangerous?

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Many cannabis users love that stuff; they like how it makes them feel. Relaxed, happy, euphoric, creative, contented, etc., are some adjectives commonly used to describe these feelings.

But the fun is punctuated with safety concerns because different forms of cannabis affect users differently. So, there is a concerted effort to develop accessories and cannabis forms that are safer. As a result, newer forms of cannabis, like dabs, wax, edibles, oils, vapes, etc., are becoming common. Some users still prefer the good old flower, but things are changing lightning-fast.

One form of cannabis that’s quickly gaining a reputation is live resin. So, what is it? And, more importantly, is it dangerous? These, and many more, are what this blog post is all about.

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Key Takeaways

  • Live resin is made using solvents on fresh-frozen cannabis flower.
  • Rosin is a concentrate made by applying heat and pressure to dried and cured cannabis flower.
  • Though generally safe, live resin is highly potent and can cause adverse side effects if taken in large doses.


What Is Cannabis Live Resin?

So, what is cannabis live resin? Resins are often described or named according to their consistency or texture. If it’s hard and brittle, it’s shatter; if it’s thick and gooey, it’s batter; if it’s waxy, it’s wax, and so on.

Generally, live resin is a cannabis concentrate between a sauce and wax—neither too wet nor too taffy. Its color varies from white to golden though it’s mostly pale yellow. Like all concentrates, live resin is very sticky, so a dab tool is required to handle it.

Live resin typically contains high levels of THC, not to mention their intense aromas and flavors users find incredibly appealing.

Live resins tend to have a complex terpene profile due to how they are made. As a result, they deliver a more ‘wholesome’ cannabis experience. These attributes have made live resin quite popular among users and producers alike.


How Is Live Resin Made?

What makes live resin unique? The secret lies in how it’s made.

Regular cannabis products like flower typically go through a drying and curing process. This affects the overall flavor and aroma of the final product due to the loss of volatile compounds like terpenes. Terpenes perform critical ecological roles in plants, including giving them scent and flavor.

On the other hand, live resin is made from fresh frozen cannabis material. Immediately after the plant is harvested, it’s frozen to preserve all its vital ingredients. While in that frozen state, it goes through the extraction processes, after which the extract is dried and cured.

The fundamental difference lies in the process sequence. Other cannabis concentrates are made from dried and cured flowers. Live resin is first extracted, then dried and cured. See the difference?


How Do You Use Live Resin?

Like other cannabis products, there are many ways of using live resin. Let’s take a look at the most common ones.

Dabbing Live Resin

For users who prefer dabbing live resin, a dab rig, nail/e-nail, e-rig, or torch is necessary. These devices melt the concentrate to produce vapor that is inhaled. Dab rigs, nails, and e-rigs come in different shapes and sizes. Some integrate high-level technology for an enhanced dabbing experience.

Dabs are highly potent, so high-tolerance users prefer them. If you want an elevated flavor experience, dabbing live resin is the way to go.

Vaping Live Resin

Vaping is another hugely popular way of consuming live resin. Like dabbing, vaping live resin requires a dab pen or hand-held e-rig to vaporize the concentrate.

Vape pens have an advantage over dab rigs: they are portable and discrete. However, they don’t give bigger hits like dab rigs, so the high is short-lived and somewhat weaker. Still, you get to experience cannabis more intimately than with most methods.

Others, like vaporizers, regulate the heating intensity with a temperature control function. This prevents you from burning the concentrate and helps create quality clouds.

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Live Resin Gummies

Edibles are all the rave right now; they are often tasty, flavored, and give potent highs. With live resin gummies, there is no vapor or smoke. They are taken orally, which means digestion and absorption occur in the digestive system.

One disadvantage of cannabis edibles made with live resin is that the onset time is unpredictable. Also, volatile terpenes and other essential ingredients are lost during processing, affecting the overall experience.

And due to their unpredictable onset times, it’s easier to overindulge. Often, this doesn’t end well.

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Infusing Joint or Bowl with Live Resin

You could also add live resin to a blunt or joint to elevate its potency. The mechanics remain the same—light up and puff away.


How Does Live Resin Make You Feel?

Generally, people respond differently to cannabis because we are all different. Ultimately, it all comes down to tolerance and dosing. Low-tolerance users are better off with lower doses, while high-tolerance users can handle larger amounts.

Problems typically start when a low-tolerance user takes larger doses. Since live resin typically contains high levels of THC, the psychoactive effects can be intense.

All factors considered, live resin induces psychoactivity due to its high THC concentration. Regardless of how you take THC, it binds to receptors in the brain and triggers wide-ranging mental and physical effects. These can alter behavior, feelings, and thoughts.

The key to having a fun session with live resin is moderation. Fortunately, the effects kick in quickly, so you can easily determine when you’ve had enough. Always start with the lowest dose (especially newbies). It’s also vital to avoid mixing THC with other stimulants as it may enhance their effects.


How Strong Is Live Resin?

No mincing words—live resin is very strong. It contains all the bioactive compounds in cannabis since that’s the whole point—to 100% preserve the natural characteristics of cannabis.

So, it has the potential to make users very high. Therefore, before taking live resin, know how it affects you physically and mentally. To get a rough idea of how strong live resin is, think about this: dried flower can have 10-25% THC. Live resin products can have THC levels between 65% and 95%!

Also, keep in mind that the whole experience partially depends on the strain’s traits. Cannabis has 400+ compounds, including terpenes, flavonoids, and other cannabinoids. All these dictate the overall experience.


Is Live Resin Dangerous?

Given the biased narratives about cannabis, it’s normal to question whether live resin is dangerous.

First, we recommend buying live resin from licensed cannabis dispensaries or brands. The extraction stage of making live resin involves solvents and possibly other chemicals. These must be purged during purification in line with state-mandated health requirements.

Licensed sellers are likely to have products that have passed testing protocols. Among other things, this means the residual solvents are within acceptable limits. Essentially, this means the live resin product is safe for human consumption.

So, is live resin safe? Yes, once it reaches the shelves of a licensed dispensary, it’s safe. If still in doubt, check the product’s COA. This tells you whether it has heavy metals, microbial contaminants, mold, fungus, pesticide residues, etc.

However, vaping or smoking live resin products poses some risks. Although vaping devices are designed to prevent toxic substances from entering the lungs, we can’t establish their effectiveness. Exposure to carcinogens could have adverse effects on your health. Moreover, the high THC levels in live resin could be detrimental in large doses.

Don’t take chances—buy live resin products from reputable sources. When in doubt, consult cannabis experts on how to use concentrates to ensure you use these products safely and responsibly.


What Are the Potential Side Effects Of Live Resin?

Besides the toxic compounds in the vapor, the potential side effects of resin are pretty much similar to those of regular cannabis. The predominant ingredient in live resin is THC, so overindulgence can lead to:

  • Anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased heart rate
  • Impaired thinking and focus
  • Altered sense of time
  • Poor problem-solving skills
  • Memory loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry, red eyes
  • Loss of coordination
  • Loss of motivation
  • Lethargy
  • Overindulgence, e.g., overeating, laughing too much, taking silly risks, etc.

Taken in moderation, live resin is generally safe. However, live resin abuse can alter how one experiences the world around them. Altered mental and psychological states can result in visible physical changes.

There’s a misperception that cannabis is not addictive. On the contrary, research shows that roughly 30% of frequent users develop dependency problems. Live resin abuse, either recreationally or medically, could create addiction problems.


What Is The Best Way To Consume Live Resin?

Dabbing is one of the best ways to consume live resin. You can create potent quality clouds full of flavor with the right device and correct temperature settings.

Vape pens also work okay but limit the size of the hit. But this is a small trade-off considering what they offer in return.


Live Resin vs. Distillate: Is One Safer Than The Other?

Distillates are cannabis extracts that have been thoroughly refined. As a result, they are often highly concentrated (60 – 98%) with a single compound. Live resins, on the other hand, are made from whole-plant extracts, meaning they are a mixture of several components.

Distillates require additional purification, which means they are purer and more concentrated. As a result, they are also seriously potent. The only safety concern of distillates is their high THC content. Some distillates have been shown to contain 97% THC! That’s insanely high, even for cannabis connoisseurs.

Like live resins, distillates call for extra care and caution when using. If obtained from licensed cannabis dispensaries, distillates are just as safe as live resins. Of course, overuse or abuse can lead to the same adverse effects you get with live resins.


What Is The Difference Between Live Resin And Rosin?

There are several differences between live resin and rosin. One, how they are made. Live resin is made through a solvent-based technique from fresh-frozen cannabis flower. This preserves its natural characteristics.

On the other hand, rosin is a concentrate created only with pressure and heat—no solvents. Live rosin is made from flash-frozen cannabis flower hence the name “live.” It can also be made from dried, cured flower, in which case, it’s simply rosin.


Final Thoughts

The development of new forms of cannabis means users can now enjoy their herb with peace of mind. No more concerns about the dangers of smoking, carcinogens, and what have you.

However, this isn’t a carte blanche to overindulge. Live resins and rosins are highly potent products that can heal or hurt.

Use these products in moderation. If unsure how to, consult experts for guidance.


Where To Buy Live Resin Online

So, where can you get high-quality live resin online? At Melee Dose. Come to our online shop, where you’ll find loads of expertly-crafted live resin products.

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You can also try this 2 Gram Wedding Cake Live Resin Disposable Vape. It’s made with a rare cannabinoid blend of Delta 8, 9, 10, and HHC enhanced with Wedding Cake terpenes and blueberries. This vape gives one of the most satisfying and potent inhales on the planet!

Chewing is actually beneficial, and these White Peach Mimosa Live Resin Gummies can enhance these benefits immensely. Each gummy contains 20mg of HHC and 5mg of Delta-9 THC enriched with White Peach Mimosa extracts for a sophisticated, playful high perfect for boosting mood and elevating sensations.

Check out our blog for more on the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. While at it, learn more about Delta-9 THC benefits and where to buy it safely.

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