10 Best 420 Events This Year: Social & Private

10 Best 420 Events of 2024

There comes a time every year when all the stoners gather together to celebrate, and that time is finally upon us. April is here and the clock is ticking down until we reach the illustrious 4/20 holiday. If you’re a curious consumer looking for the best 420 events either in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Florida, or even from the comfort of your own home—we got you. Melee Dose is not only presenting the biggest 4/20 sale of the year, but we’re also holding all the intel on the best things to do!

Around the globe, fans of cannabis will be gearing up for the biggest day of the year by cleaning their pieces, preparing their crib for a shindig, or getting ready to hit the city. We don’t want you to miss a single piece of the action. For that reason, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best 420 events this year, both social and private. No matter where you live, or what your budget is looking like, we guarantee there’s something on this list that will make your 4/20 that much sweeter. Don’t forget! Melee Dose will be offering incredible deals and savings this entire 420 season so feel free to check our online menu at any time!

Best 420 Events This Year

1. Los Angeles

It should come as no surprise that Los Angeles is a hotbed of 420 events this year. A cursory Google Search will reveal tons of options. There’s RNBW x Space Yacht’s 420 party, The Artist Tree’s lounge party, comedy shows (The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, Brea Improve,) or you can smoke up at the OG Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood. But if you ask us, the 420 Stash & Bash presented by Hazy is the place to be this 4/20. Down in Marina Del Rey, CA, Tyga will be taking the stage at Highway Cannabis Co. for an unforgettable performance. Hazy is the production company responsible for some of LA’s most legendary 420 events over the past few years, so this one is sure to go off.

2. New York

best 420 events

Now that weed is legal in New York, the floodgates have opened. If you search for 420 events in New York, you’re going to be met with a barrage of options. Just walk down the street on the legendary holiday and you’re sure to find ample smoke to partake in. But, if you want to really get down, the two biggest festivals in New York this year are the Lifted 420 Festival, and the Positive Vibes Annual 420 Festival. Both going down in Brooklyn, this is the part of the city you definitely want to be in for the big day. There are also tons of other random parties and afterparties taking place around the Brooklyn area that you likely can float in and out of.

3. Las Vegas

In the city of sin, you can only assume that there will be 420 events happening ad infinitum. Well you’re not wrong, and for those who prefer to puff instead of pound drinks, you’re in luck this year. Las Vegas is hosting a wide variety of cannabis events that speak to both your inner rager and inner chiller. Big cannabis dispensaries like Sahara will be hosting a 420 Extravaganza, while NuWu Cannabis will be holding a “420 State Fair,” and Cookies On The Strip will be giving tours. During the day, it’s worth checking out the 420 Pool Party at Liquid Pool Lounge at the Aria Hotel.

4. Florida

Cannabis culture is rapidly growing in Florida, and it’s worth noting the number of 420 events happening in the state this year. First and foremost, there’s the Havana Jax Cafe in Jacksonville. They’re hosting a six-hour outdoor music festival to celebrate 420, featuring three Marley tribute artists. The event promises reggae music, giveaways, food, and a tribute to the iconic legacy of 420. Next, if you’re in the Tampa area, there’s the Freakin’ 420 Warehouse Party put on by the Divine Freak Collective that promises to be mystical, magical, and smokey. 

Finally, the weed-themed sandwich spot, Cheba Hut, will be hosting an all-day celebration at their St. Augustine restaurant. Outdoor games including cornhole, horseshoes, and Jenga will be available, accompanied by complimentary 4-inch sub sandwiches and frisbee giveaways. Live performances by local acts Bad Dog Mama, Chillula, and Kelp will entertain attendees all day. This event is FREE.

5. Texas

best 420 events

Though cannabis is still not legal in Texas, that doesn’t stop the community from coming together in a meaningful way. If you search for 420 events this year in Texas, you’ll be met with a ton of options around the state. One of the biggest parties this year is the 3rd annual 420 In The Clouds festival happening the entire weekend at Camp Mountain Breeze in New Braunfels, TX. You’ll also find “420 Fest” events happening in San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, Cypress, Austin, and more. The Lone Star State refuses to be held down and will be a great place to find a number of 420 events this year. We only advise that you proceed with caution, and avoid consuming cannabis in open public spaces.

Best Private 420 Events This Year

We recognize that there are still tons of smokers and cannabis consumers who get anxious when they’re stoned out in public. There’s nothing wrong with that, and there’s definitely a way for you to celebrate too. Whether that’s inviting a couple of friends over, or dosing up a ton of edibles and starting a movie marathon, you can fully enjoy 420 at home. We have some great suggestions to throw your own private 420 event this year.

1. Make Your Own Edibles & Invite Friends

Have you ever tried making your own edibles from scratch? It’s actually not super duper hard to do. To make cannabis-infused butter (cannabutter) at home, first decarboxylate your cannabis by baking it at 245°F (120°C) for 30-40 minutes. Then, melt unsalted butter in a saucepan over low heat and add ground cannabis along with water to prevent burning. Simmer the mixture for 2-3 hours, stirring occasionally. 

Afterward, strain the mixture through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth into a heatproof container, squeezing out excess butter. Let the infused butter cool, then refrigerate until solid. Label and store it properly, remembering to start with small amounts in recipes to gauge potency. Enjoy responsibly…or irresponsibly with friends. If you’ve never put an unknown amount of decarboxylated cannabis into some butter and then made cookies, are you really even a stoner?

2. Solo-Dolo Movie Marathon

best 420 events

Not everyone has the same taste in movies, and that’s OK. Sometimes the best nights are binging your favorite guilty-pleasure series alone at the crib. If you’re also the kind of person who gets anxious when consuming cannabis socially, this is a great way to spend 4/20. When was the last time you went on a Trailer Park Boys binge? What about Parks & Rec, South Park, or The Office? We like to get yeeted off THC and watch Ancient Aliens; shout out to our guy Giorgio A. Tsoukalos. 

Dab, smoke, or dose up to the max so you can get toasted and posted for any number of fire series, movies, or specials on streaming services. Did you know there’s a new Halo series on Paramount+ that is absolutely insane? Enjoy this 4/20 on a solo tip and consider grabbing a 500mg Mutant Rope for an extra spacey time. 👽

3. Hop On A Livestream & Smoke!

One thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is that it drove a lot of into online forums we’d otherwise remain oblivious. We fondly remember the virtual seshes of over four years ago during 2020, and we’re not saying they were mind-blowing, but they were effective! 420 events are historically about bringing the culture together to celebrate the plant and the fight for legalization and destigmatization. If you can do that from the comfort of your own home—why not? Tap in with your favorite cannabis creators on YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram to see what they have planned for the big day. Who doesn’t love hitting a huge dab with their friends on one legendary livestream right at 4:20pm hits?

4. Get Artsy & Crafty With It

best 420 events

At Melee Dose, we firmly believe there’s an artist in all of us, some buried down deeper than others. Sometimes when you get high, the artistic spirit strikes you and moves you to a particular medium, almost magically. We’re here to say that you shouldn’t fight it, and let your creativity fly this 4/20 either alone or with a few friends. Grab some easels, coloring books, paints, crayons, markers, chalk, spray paint, whatever suits your fancy, and make your next masterpiece. There’s nothing more satisfying than getting zooted and making something beautiful. 

5. Treat Yourself! Self-Care Session

One of the best use cases for cannabis is needing some serious R&R, aka rest-and-relaxation. Grab your favorite Melee Dose edibles and THCa pre-rolls to combine with an infused bath bomb. Fill up the tub, turn the lights down low, dose up, and spark that shit because you deserve some time to yourself. If you’ve been dealing with the trials and tribulations of working in the cannabis industry leading up to 4/20, this might be the only 420 event you’re trying to check out. We all need to take some time to slow down and give our bodies some rest, and there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to that on the best day of the year, 4/20.


No matter what you’re doing this 4/20, the Melee Dose fam wishes you nothing but big smoke and memorable moments. We urge you to be careful if you choose to go out to any 420 events, making sure to pace yourself and remain vigilant. We’re also obliged to mention that we are not suggesting or condoning public consumption of cannabis, and if you choose to do so, it’s at your own risk. From all of us, have a safe and insane 4/20 this year, and don’t forget to check out our sale! 😉