Does Live Resin Get You Higher Than Distillate?

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Vaping is one of the neatest ways to get high. It’s discreet, and the smell doesn’t stick. But, more importantly– it is really convenient. But if you are not updated on vape terms like live resin or distillate, you might not get the high you expect.

With so many vape options, getting something that matches your tolerance and the level of highness you prefer is ideal. So, is live resin better than distillate – or is it the opposite? 

The answer depends on how high you want to be and which concentrates can get you higher. Let’s learn which option will get you higher by learning about their differences.

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Key Takeaways

  • Live resin and distillate are both concentrates.
  • Distillate requires a longer process to extract pure THC.
  • Live resin retains the flavor and aroma of the cannabis flower.
  • The best option depends on your preference.
  • There are different ways to smoke live resin and distillate, but vaping is the most convenient.


What Is Live Resin vs. Distillate?

Live resin and distillates are both cannabis extracts turned into concentrates. Both processes to create them are wildly diverse but very different. They might be under the same category, but each of them or on the opposite side of the spectrum. 

Live resin retains the cannabis plant’s terpenes, responsible for the earthy and fruity taste and aroma. On the other hand, distillates undergo a much cruder process that eliminates most of the original plant’s terpenes, leaving you with nothing but pure and potent THC.

And that is not by accident. The goal when making live resin is to retain as much terpenes and cannabinoids to maintain that natural high – as if you are smoking cannabis flowers. In contrast, the goal of creating distillate is to eliminate other components like terpenes and other cannabinoids except for THC. 

The distillation process also eliminates earthy flavors, which is excellent for making edibles that mask the taste but not the high.


Live Resin vs. Distillate, Which Gets You Higher?

On paper, distillate will definitely get you higher than live resin. Distillate might not have the same taste and aroma as live resin and cannabis flower, but it extracts pure THC – making it more potent. 

However, that doesn’t always mean it will necessarily get you higher. Impurities aside, more elements add to the high and overall experience than just THC. 

Some might argue that live resin actually gets you higher. Since this concentrate has more of the cannabis plant’s natural components, like terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids, the high it delivers is more well balanced and enjoyable due to the entourage effect.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to the strength of the individual concentrate.


Distillate vs. Live Resin, How Are They Made?

Without getting too technical, distillate is produced by combining gasses like CO2 or ethanol with room-temperature cannabis plants. The mixture of gasses with the dried and cured cannabis plant is distilled using steam, pressure, and heat. 

A distillation apparatus is set at a specific temperature to extract just THC. After the extraction process, extremely potent cannabis oil is produced. You can measure the oil’s purity based on clarity.

Extracting live resin from cannabis plants is extremely different and less complex. To make live resin, you must immediately freeze the marijuana plants after harvesting them. As soon as they are frozen, professionals will use lab-grade equipment to extract the liquid resin. 

This extraction process retains most cannabinoids and terpenes, which means it retains the flavor, aroma, and effects. Because live resin is not pure THC, the color is much darker with less clarity – and the consistency is much thicker.


Distillate vs. Live Resin, How Do They Make You Feel?

Aside from the extraction process when making distillate and live resin, each option has a different effect. 

Live resin will give you a slightly psychoactive high and a more satisfying puff. Because the effects of the terpenes are still present, the cannabis experience is more complete. People who enjoy smoking flowers prefer the mellow and satisfying high from live resin.

If you have a higher tolerance and looking for a more intense high, distillates are the way to go. However, if you think you have low tolerance, we wouldn’t recommend smoking distillates. Sometimes, even long-time smokers say no to super-intense effects.


Does Live Resin Get You Higher Than Distillate?

Live resin does not necessarily get you higher than distillate. However, the effects of terpenes and other cannabinoids like HHC, Delta 9, Delta 10, etc., make it a more satisfying experience for many smokers. 


Does Distillate Have Terpenes?

The goal of making distillate is to eliminate all impurities, including terpenes. While some distillate contains a tiny amount of terpenes, you can barely find terpenes in a purer distillate. It all depends on how well the extraction process went. 


Do Terpenes Get You High?

Terpenes don’t necessarily get you high. However, they do add to the overall effect. If you love the journey of getting high better than the “being high” itself – terpenes play a significant role in the process. 

Terpenes work alongside all the cannabinoids in synergy to create what is known as the entourage effect.


What Is The Entourage Effect In Cannabis?

The entourage effect describes the overall impact of smoking or consuming all cannabis plant substances together. It’s believed that, when consumed together, all the natural components of cannabis, like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, work together to enhance each other’s effects.

It only works when you smoke cannabis flower or live resin. Because distillates eliminate all other substances from the cannabis plant, you will not be able to feel the entourage effect when consuming them.

Although adding these compounds back to the pure THC after extraction is possible, the effect will not be as complete or remotely the same.


How To Smoke Live Resin

There are many ways to smoke live resin, but most involve high temperatures. Unlike smoking flowers, you can’t simply load live resin into a bong or bowl. Here are some of the ways to smoke live resin:


If you have a dabbing kit, you can pre-heat it and then inhale the smoke from the live resin. Dabbing might be the best way to get higher on live resin, but it isn’t the most convenient since a lot of gear is involved.


Vaping is the most convenient way to consume live resin. With a cartridge and battery, you can discreetly smoke live resin anytime and anywhere. Plus, with the invention of disposable live resin vapes, you can smoke it right off the box. Melee Dose has an online store with various live resin vape choices.

Sprinkle On Joint Or Bowl

You can also add a bit more flavor and intensity to your bowls or joints by sprinkling a little bit of live resin on top of your flower or in between your joint before rolling.

Pros And Cons

Some advantages of smoking live resin vs. distillate is getting the entourage effect for a more harmonious high. It is easier to store than other THC products. With disposable vape pens like the Melee Watermelon Mimosa, you get the full flavor from terpenes from cannabis flowers in a more convenient, smoke-right-out-the-box package. 


Is Live Resin Better Than Distillate?

Based on all the differences between live resin and distillate, live resin is better in many ways. From the less complicated extraction process to the harmonious effects of terpenes and cannabinoids, live resin gives you a much better high. 

However, there might be some instances where distillate is a better choice. If you don’t care for the earthy flavors and aroma or if you are making edibles without compromising the recipe’s taste – distillates are the way to go.


Where To Buy Live Resin Disposable Vapes Online

If you decide that live resin is the best way to get high, you can order disposable live resin vape pens online. As a word of advice, we only recommend getting products from trustworthy dispensaries and online stores.

At Melee, we ensure all our products are safe and authentic. Aside from the Watermelon Mimosa Live Resin Vape Pen we mentioned earlier, you can also try some of Melee’s other best sellers. 

Melee’s Wedding Cake HHC blend is enhanced with Wedding Cake terpenes and blueberries, creating one of the most satisfying inhales every smoker must experience. 

If you are into fun flavors, you might also want to try the Strawberry Zkittlez disposable vape pen. The best words to describe this strain are “pure bless.” It provides a calming and euphoric high that is perfect for after-work tokes!


Final Thoughts

We can’t say for sure that live resin will get you higher than distillates. Some people argue that live resin is better due to the entourage effect, while others vouch for distillates as they have only THC. 

Still, if you are all about getting a more satisfying experience when vaping concentrates, there are more reasons to choose live resin over distillates. Live resin gives you a high you can handle, especially if you are a long-time flower smoker who wants to experience convenience without compromising the high experience. 

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