Why Is My Delta-8 Disposable Not Hitting?

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Vaping Delta-8 with a disposable device is one of the most convenient ways to consume it and get high without too much hassle. Without needing a cartridge and a separate battery, you can start vaping Delta-8, HHC, CBN, or any other cannabinoid concentrate right out of its packaging.

However, one of the most frustrating things that could happen when you are about to hit your Delta-8 disposable is when you realize it’s not hitting.

Whether you just bought it or have had it for a while stored somewhere, there is a slight possibility that your disposable can get clogged – which stops it from hitting the way it used to or stops it from firing at all.

Aside from getting clogged, other reasons might be the quality of the disposable device itself. That said – the first step to avoiding this problem is to only buy your Delta-8 products from brands you can trust.

Now, if your Delta-8 disposable device is not hitting correctly or not hitting at all – this article will contain some tips and tricks on how to fix it.

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Key Takeaways

  • Clogging is one of the primary reasons Delta-8 disposables cease hitting.
  • Some of the reasons for clogging depend on how you use the device and how you store it.
  • The two main reasons for clogging your disposable are flooding and condensation.
  • Clogging can happen for disposable devices as well as cartridges.
  • As long as the vape and electronics are not damaged, fixing a Delta-8 disposable that is not hitting can be easy.


Why Do Vape Carts Get Clogged?

Before coming to the conclusion that your disposable device is clogged, you should check the battery level and see if the device is working properly first.

Clogging is common in any vape cartridge and disposable device. And there are two main reasons for clogging to occur – condensation buildup and chamber flooding.

Build Up Of Condensation

Condensation buildup is the most common cause of Delta-8 disposable devices and cart clogging. However, you can avoid clogging due to condensation by ensuring you get all the vapor out after hitting the device.

After each hit, you can inhale the excess vapor inside the chamber without firing the device. If you are not sure what’s clogging your device, you can tell if it’s condensation buildup when you feel tiny drops of liquid on your tongue after each hit.

When you see the early signs of condensation buildup, take action quickly to save you from clogging your disposable device.

Chamber Flooding

Not using your device regularly can cause chamber flooding – which can clog the air holes on your device, causing it not to work properly. Letting the device sit for a while at room temperature tends to thicken Delta-8 THC it contains, which may soak the cotton wick and drown the coil over time.

When chamber flooding occurs, the coil will struggle to heat up – getting rid of its ability to produce enough vapor. A clear sign of chamber flooding is when your device hits but won’t produce as much vapor. You can also tell if you get a burnt taste when hitting the disposable device.


How To Prevent Carts From Clogging

There are many ways and best practices to prevent your carts and disposable devices from clogging. If you have a new cart and want to improve your vaping experience as well as reduce the frustrations that come with condensation buildup, these clogging prevention practices should do the trick:

Clean Your Mouthpiece

Sometimes, condensation builds up in your mouthpiece, which is an easy fix. You can use cotton or a Q-tip to wipe the mouthpiece regularly. You don’t have to wipe it down after every hit, but it is good practice to clean it regularly.

Take Small Hits

Practice taking small hits. Hitting your device for more than 3 seconds can produce more vapor than you can inhale, causing the excess vapor to stay in the chamber and in the mouthpiece, which causes condensation buildup.

Instead of taking a few bigger hits, you can practice taking more smaller hits instead. This practice will significantly reduce the chances of condensation buildup in your disposable device or cart.

Take Dry Hits

Another good practice is to take dry hits before hitting and pressing the fire button. This practice will clear excess moisture from your last hit before new vapor comes through when you start firing your vape.

However, you have to make sure that you don’t pull too hard when you’re not firing because doing that could cause chamber flooding.


How To Prevent Vape Chamber Flooding

Chamber flooding is also another reason for clogging your vape device. Preventing chamber flooding has a lot to do with how you use or store your vape. Now that you know how to prevent condensation, here are some of the best practices to prevent flooding your device’s oil chambers.

Store Your Vape Upright, Not On Its Side

We totally understand why some people forget to properly store their vape after each use. Some just throw it in their backpacks or purses after use, and others will just toss it on the bed or their side table.

It might not affect a regularly used vape, but if you hardly ever use your disposable device, it’s best to store it in an upright position.

In addition, storing your vape vertically also allows you to get the most out of your vape. With the help of gravity, most of the oil contents will find their way to the bottom, where the wick is located.

Check Vape For Leaks

Air and oil leaks will cause your vape not to work properly. Carts should be airtight, as loose vape cartridges will sometimes cause air leakage – causing the device to not hit properly or not hit at all.

Small oil leaks are more common in refillable cartridges. So if you have a refillable cartridge, make sure that the chamber is fully tightened before using it to avoid leaks that could damage the device.

Hit Vape Every Few Days To Keep From Clogging

Leaving your vape unused for a significant amount of time could also cause chamber flooding. This happens when your device’s wick and coil are overly saturated with oil that hasn’t been heated for a while.

Make sure you hit the vape at least once every couple of days to ensure that the oil doesn’t have enough time to flood the wick and coil.

Take Smaller Hits

Hitting your vape too hard and too long causes both condensation buildup and chamber flooding.

Vaporizing Delta-8 requires a minimum level of temperature, and taking harder pulls on your vape overwhelms the coil and does not give it enough time to reach optimal heat. Instead of taking a few big hits, try taking frequent smaller hits to avoid damaging your device.

Check If Vape Is Primed

Priming a vape means soaking the wick and coil to avoid getting a burnt taste. However, over-priming a vape you don’t plan to use regularly is not a good practice. This will cause chamber flooding which can clog your vape and stop it from working properly.

When not in use, make sure you store your disconnected cart in a cool and dark place to preserve its quality.


How To Fix A Clogged Vape Cartridge

If worse comes to worst and you fail to prevent clogging and your vape cart is not hitting, there’s no need to panic. The following tips and tricks might help you solve your problem.

Clogging Due To Flooding

Tap And Flick Cart Sides

Try flicking the cart from side to side to help disperse and dislodge excess liquid. If you own a refillable cart, you can simply open it and use a Q-tip to clean chamber sides.

Blow Into Your Vape

After clearing excess liquid, the next step is to blow into your vape and try to clear the flood. Blowing instead of inhaling is more effective in drying a saturated wick.

Fire Up And Try To Take A Pull

Once you think you cleared up the excess liquid, you can try firing the devices and inhaling to see if it cleared the flooded chamber. However, if it is still not working after a few tries, you must not force it. Try pre-heating the device to vaporize excess liquid and residue first before you try again.

Clogging Due To Condensation

Take A Hard Pull From Mouth Piece

One of the easiest fixes to fix a clogged mouthpiece due to condensation is taking a big pull without firing. Doing this will pull through the excess liquid sitting in the mouthpiece.

However, if the reason for the clog is a flooded chamber, pulling it is not the best way to unclog it – so make sure you know the reason for the clog first.

Remove Excess Liquid

Most condensation buildup will clog the mouthpiece because of excess vapor. You can clear the passage with a piece of wire, a safety pin, or a paper clip.

Gently insert the safety pin or wire into the mouthpiece and scrape the sticky residue. Remember to be gentle when doing this to avoid damaging the insides of the cart or disposable.

Remove Lodged Residue Trapped In Vape

To dislodge trapped oil residue blocking the air holes in your vape or cart, you need to heat it up. But never use a direct flame to heat the cart. Instead, you can use a hair dryer or simply rub the cart between your palms. Once heated, place the cart upright to set the excess oil.


Where To Buy Delta-8 Disposable Vapes

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Final Thoughts

Clogging is the most common cause for a Delta-8 disposable not to hit properly. But it’s a good thing that clogging can be easily avoided with proper use and quick device maintenance.

And even if you forget some of the steps, a clogged disposable device does not signal its end. Because fortunately, clogging is relatively easy to fix.


Delta-8 Disposable: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Delta-8 Disposable Strong?

Although Delta-8 isn’t as strong as other variants of THC from cannabis indica and sativa, vaping Delta-8 can also get you high. Delta-8 THC’s potency and effects vary from user to user, but it is quite strong if you consume enough.

Are Delta-8 Disposable Vapes Good?

Delta-8 disposable vapes are good in terms of potency and convenience. Just make sure you get them from trusted brands and retailers.

How Much Does A Delta-8 Disposable Cost?

The price varies depending on where you get them, but they do average around $30 per gram.

Can You Buy Delta-8 Disposable?

Yes, it is legal to buy Delta-8 disposable vapes in most states. However, Delta-8 is banned in some states, despite the 2018 Farm Bill.

How Do You Fix A Disposable Vape That Won’t Hit?

If your vape won’t hit because of clogging, you can easily fix it by determining the reason for clogging and following the steps in the article.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Not Firing?

If a disposable vape is not firing, make sure it is turned on and charged. If it is still not firing, check for clogs, leaks, and other signs of damage.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Not Working Even Though It’s New?

New devices that don’t work properly are probably caused by poor quality or storage. Some disposable vapes are not quality checked or properly stored before distribution, so make sure you purchase your disposable vape from a trusted brand like Melee.

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