Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting?

Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting?

Vape carts don’t come cheap, so it can be a bummer if you buy a fresh new cart that doesn’t hit. Well, there is more than one reason for a brand-new vape cart not hitting – and just because it’s not hitting doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. 

There is always a solution depending on what is causing the malfunction.

Before troubleshooting and fixing a cart that’s not hitting, you need to know what is causing it first. Do you have the right battery? Is the heat settings correct? Are the cart coils not damaged? 

We will review the common problems with new carts not hitting and the solutions in this article.

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Key Takeaways

  • Not all new carts that don’t hit have the same issues, which means each solution will only work depending on the issue.
  • Most cart not hitting issues are easy fixes.
  • It’s better to get a disposable cart with an attached battery, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility.
  • Make sure you get your carts from trusted online sellers and brands to avoid non-functional carts.


Why Is My New Cart Not Hitting, But It Has Airflow And Isn’t Clogged?

If your new cart is not hitting but has airflow and isn’t clogged, you are probably experiencing other problems like viscosity or connection problems. If you just connected your cart to your battery, it will usually blink 3 times to indicate that it’s connected. This might not be the case for all vapes, but it will usually show a sign that your cart is connected.

Although some of the issues can easily be fixed by simple solutions, some might take more time. This is true, especially if you need to buy a compatible battery or need to adjust the connection pins – which requires a little bit of patience and technical skills. 

Before we can come up with working solutions, you might want to know the common problems for brand-new vape carts that are not hitting. 


Common Problems With New Carts Not Hitting

Oil Viscosity

Oil viscosity or thickness depends on how gently or aggressively you want to inhale the smoke. Some cannabis oils are too thick, which means it requires a suitable battery or vape pen to vaporize that oil. 

Forcing your vape to heat the thick oil might damage your device, so the best solution is to find a more compatible pen. If the battery is compatible based on the specs, but it still won’t hit because the oil is too thick, try pre-heating the oil by long-pressing the button before you start inhaling.

Chamber Flooding

Chain vaping or frequent and fast puffing can damage the chamber, especially if it gets too hot. So you need to make sure that you don’t overuse your pen to avoid chamber flooding. 

Also, if you are not going to be using your cart for a while, make sure you store it at room temperature to avoid thickening the oil.

Issues With The Battery

If the cart is not the problem, it could be the battery. You can try using a different battery or a different cart to find out. Make sure the battery is working properly and fully charged. 

As the battery level decreases, it loses the ability to heat the coil properly, thus leaving you with less smoke. If the battery you’re using is old, you might need a replacement– especially if you are noticing that it is no longer holding a decent charge. 

Damaged Coil

If your vape pen’s coil still won’t heat up properly and you have tried multiple batteries, the coil might be damaged. If that is the case, you can always get the heating coil replaced at a low price. 

To find out if the coil is damaged, remove the cart, and you will see the coil in the middle. Of course, it varies from vape to vape – so try to look for visible cues that the coil is damaged to know for sure.

Wrong Temperature Settings

Another common issue for a new cart not to work properly is having the wrong temperature settings on your battery. We talked about viscosity earlier, and the temperature settings depend on how thick the cannabis oil is – so make sure you increase or lower the temp settings depending on the thickness to get a smooth drag.


New Vape Cart And Device Troubleshooting Checklist

Make Sure Your Device Is Working As Expected

To make sure that your vape is working, you can test it with multiple batteries. To ensure that your battery is working, you can try multiple carts to find out which component is causing the issues. 

Before troubleshooting your device and trying different methods, make sure the cart is connected properly, and the battery is fully charged.

Adjust The Tightness Of The Vape Cart

Some carts connect to a 510 battery connection, which means the cart and battery must reach to connect and work properly. Make sure you tighten the cart or adjust the height of the 510 connection to make sure they contact. 

Clean The Vape Cart And Vaping Device

Because of leaks and excessive heat, there is a tendency that your battery or cart connection can get dirty or build up rust. If that is the case, you can use contact cleaner and a Q-tip or small cloth to clean the contact points if your cart is not working properly. 

Warm Up The Cart To Get The Oil Flowing

If you leave your cart in a cold location, the oil might get too thick to burn. If that is the case, make sure you heat your cart up by placing it at room temperature for a while or use a lighter to heat the oil inside the cart. Just be careful not to crack or damage the cart when heating.


New Vape Cart And Device Maintenance Checklist

Store Upright At Room Temperature And Avoid Direct Sunlight

To make sure that the oil inside your cart doesn’t get too thick to vape, always store it at room temperature in an upright position. This ensures that the oil soaks the cotton or wick and avoids dry hits that could burn the coil. 

Also, avoid getting direct sunlight on your cart to avoid damaging the coil by overheating or cracking the cart itself.

Clean Vape Cart And Battery Points

Before replacing the cart with a new one, make sure all contact points are clean. You can use contact cleaner or rubbing alcohol to clean the contact points. Make sure you use a piece of cloth to dry it completely.

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Use Proper Voltage Settings

Some devices have different voltage settings you can adjust. Aside from adjusting the temperature, these devices allow you to configure the voltage measured by watts. Electronic vapes or cigarettes use e-juice that burns at high voltages to produce more smoke. 

However, it is different for smoking live resin or cannabis oil. The settings need to be a little bit lower compared to e-juice – so you might want to check your voltage settings before vaping weed.

Take Long, Slow, And Easy Draws

Smoking electronic cigarettes is different from vaping weed. If you can produce more smoke without dragging too long on an e-cigarette or vape mod, weed vaporizers require longer, slower, and smoother drags. 

The viscosity of cannabis oil is thicker, meaning it takes longer to vaporize and heat up. To get the most out of your cannabis oil and to avoid damaging your device, remember to take it easy on the drags.


My Brand New Cart Is Still Not Hitting, What Else Can I Try?

After trying all the solutions and maintenance options above, but your cart is still not working properly; maybe the pins are not properly connecting to the magnet on the bottom. 

Lucky for us, YoungDabber420 came up with this technical solution that worked for a lot of new carts that don’t hit. 

Watch the video below:

Final Thoughts

There are many ways that cause your brand-new vape cart not to hit, but it’s good that there are some viable solutions to overcome these. It can be quite a hassle when you anticipate getting high after a long day of work or errands, only to find out your cart is not working. 

Although sometimes it is caused by poor handling, an incompatible battery, or temperature – the best possible solution we see is to get your carts from an online store that takes shipping and handling seriously and only carries the brands you can trust. 

Another best solution is to go for disposable vapes that come in one piece – so you don’t have to worry about incompatible batteries or complicated settings.


Where To Buy Disposable Live Resin Vapes Online

If you are looking for an online store you can trust and carry only the best vape products – the Melee Dose online store is one of the best options. 

Not only do we make sure every product we send out is packed carefully, but we also have the best disposable vape options that work better than buying cartridges and batteries separately.

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Vape Cart: Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more about vapes and carts that won’t hit? Here are the most frequently asked questions from fellow smokers and vapers:

What Is A Vape Cart?

A vape cart is a cartridge that contains cannabis oil. It is either live resin, which contains terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids to give you the same effect as smoking flower – or it contains distillate, which is pure THC or CBD. Some vape carts require a battery. 

How Do Vape Carts Work?

Vape carts work similarly to electronic cigarettes. You connect the carts to a battery and then vaporize cannabis oil to consume the effects. Some vape carts are disposable with a built-in disposable battery. However, most options require you to have a device or external battery to smoke it.

What Voltage To Vape Weed Carts?

The right voltage to vape weed carts depends on the contents and viscosity of the cannabis oil in the cart. For thicker oil, you need to increase the voltage to around 30 watts. Other people like to set the voltage to around 10 to 20 watts for a smoother drag and a less aggressive high.

Can You Put Vape Juice In A Cart?

You can put vape juice or e-juice in a cart, but it is not going to work as you expected. Vape juice usually requires an atomizer to vaporize it properly. 

Why Do Vape Carts Get Clogged?

Vape carts get clogged because of the oil hardening because of low temperatures. Another reason why vape carts get clogged is that they might have gone bad because it is seldom used. To avoid clogging, make sure you store your vape carts in an upright position at room temp.

How Long Do Vape Carts Stay Good?

Vape carts usually stay good for 1 year after the manufacture date. You can tell that the oil has gone bad if the color is slightly darker. You can tell if the oil is still good if it has a light amber color.

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