Melee Dose Presents: History of 710

History of 710

First on 4/20…and then again on 7/10, stoners gather once more to celebrate the glory of dabbing. 7/10, also known as 710 or Dab Day, is the equivalent of 420 for cannabis concentrates. While hashish has been used for centuries, most contemporary concentrates like diamonds, shatter, crumble, and live resin are solvent-based. But, these days you can also find a bevy of solventless extracts like live rosin and cured rosin on the market.

Chemical solvents are used in their production alongside the new solventless revolution, creating the diverse consistencies found in dispensaries today. Melee Dose uses the highest quality hemp-derived concentrates to create our best-selling lines of edibles and 2-gram disposable vapes.

Celebrate 710 this year with Melee Dose as we light up in a big way by offering our loyal customers 30% OFF all 2-gram disposable vapes. This flash sale will be live until 7/10 at 11:59pm. Grab your goods before the second-most important stoner holiday commences.

History of 710

The term “710” originated from an inverted and reversed oil cap on a car, resembling the word “OIL.” In the early 2000s, “710” memes spread rapidly, and cannabis enthusiasts adopted the terms “710” and “710 friendly” as synonymous terms for cannabis oil and extract consumption.

In 2013, LA Weekly published “710 Is The New 420,” popularizing the concept. The same year marked the first official “710” event, The 710 Cup. This is arguably the beginning of the legitimization of the holiday, and as legalization has continued, it’s only grown in popularity.

Over the past decade, “710” as a slang term and holiday has gained substantial media and community traction. With cannabis concentrates becoming more widely accepted, “710” could rival the popularity of “420” in the future. We believe that vaping and dabbing concentrates is the cleanest form of smoking if you’re trying to protect your lungs from carcinogens. As the world becomes more cannabis-friendly, we see a lot of regular users turning to vapes for their convenience and discreet aromas.

Best-Selling Disposable Vapes

Melee Dose proudly produces some of the most flavorful and potent 2-gram disposable vapes available in all 50 states. The secret starts at the source, which is our rigorous commitment to producing the best products possible with the best ingredients possible. Our hemp-derived concentrates utilize potent, indoor-grown flash-frozen flower that retain the highest levels of terpenoids, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. In tandem with our proprietary blends of strain-specific flavors, we have truly made something that tastes great and might produce a wide spectrum of effects. These range all from recreational to potentially therapeutic, depending on your dose.

Below are our current best-selling 2-gram disposable vapes that contain delicious cannabis-derived live resin terps. You’ll also find the most highly-curated blend of rare cannabinoids such as HHC, D8, D9, D10, and more inside each vape. We make sure to provide customers with proper certificates of analysis every time we release a new product. Peep the selection and find your new favorite flavor below.

Grape Gushers

A purple pack of 2000mg Live Resin Grape Gusher and a cartridge, placed on a light-colored surface

This beauty is a triumph in the science of sleep. The strain is known for a short burst of energy and euphoria followed by a deep sedating effect. The sensation is enhanced with CBN and light notes of grape so you can enjoy a deep, sweet slumber.

Wedding Cake

The award-winning Mutant Blend is back and it’s ferocious. This carefully selected rare cannabinoid blend of HHC, D8, D9, and D10 has been enhanced with Wedding Cake Terpenes and Blueberries, unleashing one of the most potent and satisfying inhales on the planet. Rumor has it the exhale is like a giant fireball.

Orange Creamsicle

Melee's Orange Creamsicle Live Resin Disposable on a background with ice creams.

Orange Creamsicle is a delicious and nostalgic 2 gram treat for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. The inhale is rich with tangy notes of ripe orange, while the exhale teases you with smooth and creamy vanilla undertones. The HHC and D9 tango is punched up with HHC-O for added potency. The trifecta works together to create a wave of deep and satisfying relaxation throughout the body and mind. Pure bliss.


This year, make your 710 celebration extra fire with Melee Dose. Don’t miss out on our crazy 30% off all vapes sale, available for a limited time only. Grab your favorite flavorful and potent 2-gram disposable vapes and head to a galaxy far, far away. Don’t sleep on this opportunity to save big while enjoying top-notch quality. Celebrate 710 in style with Melee Dose and take advantage of our fuego discounts before the holiday ends.

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