Melee Dose 420 Mega Sale: Save BIG On Vapes & Gummies All Month!

Melee Dose 420 Sale

It’s April and you know what that means – another 420 season is upon us. This year, the high holidaze has us feeling LIT and ready to give back to our community more than ever before! 

Take advantage of our 420 deals to save on popular products, and one-of-a-kind limited releases, throughout the month of April, while supplies last. With prices this low, you can cop a stash of your favorite Melee Dose products without worrying about hurting your wallet. 

Melee Dose is known for creating high-end experiences with our innovative line of Hemp THC gummies and disposable vapes. We have built our brand on the belief that high-quality Delta-8 products can be both powerful and flavorful and should be easily accessible online. Elevate your mind (and taste buds) with Melee Dose. Whether you plan on toking it up solo at home or going out to party with friends this 420, we are confident you’ll be able to find the perfect product from our online store to help celebrate the day. 

We want our customers to make the most of this 420! That’s why we’ve carefully crafted deals to ultimately make sure you walk away stoked and satisfied. If you’ve been on the hunt for top-shelf hemp products at affordable prices, we’ve got your back! Peruse our offerings below to see bundles that fit all budgets. With so much to choose from, don’t be surprised if Melee Dose has you puff-puff-passing all month long. 


Get ready to shop Melee Dose’s best deals of the year this 420 season! Our finely-formulated product lines feature unique blends of cannabinoids and terpenes to deliver potentially high-end Hemp THC experiences that are discreet and reliable. Please note that products on this site contain a value of less than 0.3% Δ9THC, in accordance with federal law.

420 THC Vape Bundle 

Our first 420 deal is for our indecisive shoppers. Elevate your high holiday with the power of choice. Make the bundle of your dreams by picking five (5) vapes from our lineup. Experience the potential power of hemp-derived cannabinoids in our sleek pocket-sized disposable vape pens loaded with potent hemp-derived THC. You’ll understand what the hype is about as soon as you’ve taken your first hit.

This bundle offers consumers 10,000mg of THC live resin oil at an insanely discounted price and is only available through April while supplies last. Flex your style by choosing from five different flavors, including multiple strains and limited edition versions. Mix and match to create the perfect combo. You won’t want to miss out on this fire deal – get your 420 THC Vape Bundle ordered before it’s gone!

420 Vape. Bundle

Limited Edition 420 Mutant Bundle 

The title of this deal pretty much says it all. Take your 420 toke to the next level by bundling the Melee Dose Mutant Gummies and 2G Disposable Vape – and save over $30 in the process! Our Mutant product line has been known to provide potentially radioactive experiences that pack a potent punch. The delicious “Mutant Radioactive Diamonds” Kiwi flavored live resin gummies combine 5 of our most popular cannabinoids into one potent edible. These gummies are truly unique and contain 4mg of Delta 9 THC, 10mg of Delta 8 THC, 10mg of Delta 10 THC, and 9mg of HHC per piece (780 milligrams per pack). Handcrafted with terpenes from the Pink Candy Kush strain, this formula is designed to give you potentially powerful and stimulating effects that might boost you into a state of blissful oblivion.

Not ready to commit? Skip the bundle and grab a sample pack of our Mutant Gummies instead. Each edible is dosed with an accurate and generous helping of hemp-derived THC and other cannabinoids per piece. Even better, our packages are designed to tear easily and are resealable so your goodies stay fresh. These edibles have been known to potentially provide uplifting yet calming effects. When bundled together, you might expect an extremely potent, fast-acting experience that stimulates your senses, speeds up time, and has the potential to make you feel superhuman!

BOGO Deals  

​​Everyone likes free stuff right? For the month of April take advantage of our BOGO deals and get more free Melee Dose products than you know what to do with! Don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind mix-and-match bundles. Choose from a variety of 2 Gram Live Resin Disposable Vapes and THC Edible Diamonds. Not sure what you’re feeling? Customize your goody bag to match your budget. To take advantage of these unbeatable 420 BOGO deals, simply add 3 items to your cart (1 will be free!), 5 items to your cart (2 will be free!), or 7 items to your cart (3 will be free!) and start saving today. Remember, this offer is only available during April while supplies last—so don’t wait! 

Sitewide 420 Sale 

In addition to the deals listed above, we are running a sitewide 30% off sale all month long. Simply use code “420” at checkout and watch the savings roll! Take advantage of the biggest sale of the year with massive savings storewide on pretty much every Melee Dose product you could hope for. Trust us, these deals will not disappoint. We are expecting to be busy, so grab some caffeine—or some heady sativa, and hop online early on to take advantage of these added discounts. With summer right around the corner, spring in full bloom, and the cost of goods increasing daily, this sale is a phenomenal chance to stock up on your favorites while supplies last. Happy holidaze!

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