What Is Delta-10 THC? How It’s Made, The Effects, And Where To Buy

If we’re talking about a federally legal cannabinoid compound, Melee Dose is at the cutting edge of its extraction and application, Delta-10 THC included. This interesting new cannabinoid can be found in trace amounts in both hemp and cannabis and may have a psychoactive effect that’s less potent than regular Delta-9 THC.

Considering the popularity of Delta-8, Melee Dose had to get our hands on the most premium Delta-10 THC oil on the market. We’ve been infusing it into our products in order to help our customers maintain safe access to the best of the best. In that same breath, we’re also here to tell you everything you need to know about Delta-10 before you buy online.

Delta-10 THC is not from the cannabis plant and is derived from the hemp plant. It is a cannabinoid that can be found in trace amounts in the hemp plant. Similar to Delta-9 THC, it may produce a psychoactive high, but the high might be much more manageable. If you live in a state where medical marijuana isn’t legal yet, Delta-10 products might be a great option.

Let us be your guide to Delta-10 THC. Melee Dose can tell you how it’s made, whether it’s safe, and where to buy it safely. Our team is happy to answer all of your questions and provide useful information on how to find safe and reliable products that may be the most delicious and effective every time.

How Is Delta-10 THC Made?

We’re often asked how Delta-10 THC is even made, and the answer is pretty scientific. The most prevalent way to harvest Delta-10 is through extraction, though it yields in fairly small amounts in the hemp plant. The other option is to convert it from Delta-9 THC using a process called Isomerization. It’s possible to transform Delta-9 THC from the hemp plant into Delta-10 (or even Delta-8) because they have the same chemical compounds. The only difference is their structures.

Does Delta-10 THC Get You High?

The plain and simple answer is yes. Because Delta-10 is a form of THC (or Tetrahydrocannabinol,) it holds the potential to produce psychoactive effects. The high from Delta-10 THC might be less intense than Delta-9, and even Delta-8. This cannabinoid may give you more of a cerebral buzz than produce a palpable body high. Compared to Delta-9 or Delta-8, Delta-10 may have a weaker affinity for bonding to your CB1 receptor, thus resulting in potentially milder effects.

If you’re making the classic “sativa vs. indica” comparison, Delta-10 might produce a more sativa-like effect, but with potentially less of the notorious anxious and paranoid vibes. That means that Delta-10 THC might be great to smoke during the day, potentially providing you with pleasantly uplifting and cerebrally-focusing highs.

Is Delta-10 THC Legal?

Technically, yes. When the 2018 Farm Bill came online, any hemp-derived product that contained less than .3% THC became federally legal in all 50 states. That means that Delta-10 products can be shipped legally anywhere in the United States. You should just keep an eye on the legislation surrounding this technical legality because it may change over time.

Does Delta-10 THC Show Up On A Drug Test?

Melee Dose is the first to emphasize caution in all walks of life, especially your job. Most of the testing facilities out there aren’t yet able to distinguish the difference between various THC isomers. What that means is that you could be chock-full of Delta-10 or Delta-8 THC and the drug test reads it as positive for Delta-9 THC. If you are worried in any way about failing a drug test, we urge you to exercise caution and abstain from using any Delta 10 or Delta 8 products for the sake of your livelihood.

How Long Does Delta-10 THC Stay In Your System?

Every cannabinoid is different in how it is absorbed into your body and potentially lingers. Unlike Delta-8 THC which tends to only linger for anywhere from 7 hours to three days, Delta-10 THC may stay in your system for two or even thirty days. It all depends on your frequency of use, previous consumption time, as well as your body’s metabolism. Everyone is different but it seems like Delta-10 THC may linger in your body a bit longer than the rest of the federally legal cannabinoid compounds.

Is Delta-10 THC Safe To Consume?

When you’re referring to the pure Delta-10 THC cannabinoid, it may be safer in that it is potentially less psychoactive than its counterparts. The most common way you’re going to see it used in products is a distilled oil. This oil could be extracted in a number of ways, most often synthetically by converting Delta-9 THC from the hemp plant as we mentioned before.

That means that it has the potential to be impure, which is why Melee Dose has made it our mission to provide safe access to all legal cannabinoid products. All of our products are lab tested so you know exactly what you’re getting every time. You should only buy Delta-10 THC products online from people like us with published lab results to ensure that you’re only getting the good stuff, no added chemicals or fillers.

What Are The Side Effects & Risks Of Consuming Delta-10 THC?

Though there are no clinical studies that can verifiably say what the benefits and risks of Delta-10 THC are, there may be some side effects of consuming the compound. Taking an excess amount of Delta 10 might result in you feeling a certain level of grogginess or sleepiness, which is a side effect you may find in any other THC compound. If you have a lot of important things to do, consuming too much delta-10 THC might make it difficult to get your work done.

The only other risks are in terms of the purity of the product you’re consuming. As we said, this is a commonly synthesized cannabinoid, so there may be a lot of brands out there making unsafe products. That’s why you should always stick with brands like Melee Dose that actually provide the customer with transparency about what they’re putting into their bodies.


There are a lot of Delta-8 THC products out there, and now we’re starting to see plenty of Delta-10 THC products rise in similar demand. You should always look for potency, purity, and honesty when buying any of these new and often synthetically-made cannabinoids. Melee Dose strives to give our customers the information they need to make an informed decision before buying. We then offer up our thriving online store for them to explore the best Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC products, and more from Melee Dose.

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