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Three boxes of Delta 9 THC gummies in different colors and flavors: Blue is Hybrid, Purple is Indica, and Red is Sativa

Over the last decade, developments in the cannabis landscape have been mind-boggling. Weed went from being illegal to legal…well, the low-THC version. In some places, small amounts of this herb have been decriminalized. For cannabis users, these developments signal interesting times. Consequently, novel cannabinoids have emerged. However, according to a technical report by the European […]

What Are HHC Gummies?

Top view of a woman holding an open jar of Melee Dose gummies.

In the ever-expanding world of cannabis-derived products, innovative and enticing concoctions continuously emerge, capturing the interest of consumers who crave new ways to experience the benefits of cannabinoids. One such remarkable creation is HHC gummies – the latest trend that has garnered widespread attention within the cannabis community. In this comprehensive article, readers will delve […]


HHC and HHCO products from Melee Dose with Melee's logo in the middle.

With hemp-derived cannabinoids now being federally legal, cannabis researchers and lab professionals are coming up with new ways to get you high and experience the other benefits that come with it. These recent discoveries brought compounds like HHC and HHCO to life using legal hemp-derived THC, which led to the creation of vape products for […]