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Cannabis Blockchain Payments: Is This Real Life?

Pink cartoon ape with joint, wearing BAYC cap, stands beside a gorilla in a jacket and blinker, on black background

Because cannabis is still illegal at a federal level despite the growing number of states that have legalized its use for medicinal and recreational purposes, traditional financial systems like banks seem to turn their back against cannabis – which is quite understandable. It might be true that no legitimate industry would want to be tied […]

What Does CBC Cannabinoid Do?

A Vibrant green cannabis tree garden and a hand gently holds a fresh cannabis leaf amidst nature's embrace

With research highlighting the growing potential of cannabinoids, there’s no better time to learn about these compounds than the present. You may have heard about the more popular CBD and THC. These are just two – there are many more! Since their discovery, researchers have been interested in their pharmacological effects and how they can […]