King Louis Diamond Infused Pre Roll

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Welcome to your own personal kingdom – the King Louis XIII Diamond Infused THCA Pre Roll. Made with premium hemp flower and rolled in diamond-infused paper, each 0.5 gram pre-roll packs a punch of royal proportions. Get ready for an indica-dominant experience that will make you feel as grand as a king.

The King Louis XIII strain is aptly named after its namesake, King Louis XIII of France. This strain has an unmistakable piney smell with earthy musk undertones, much like the OG Kush that it’s derived from. Every puff transports you to a different world, brimming with spicy kush aromas and offering a mellow vibe from start to finish.

This isn’t just any ordinary pre-roll joint – we’ve taken things up a notch by rolling it up in diamond infused paper. Now that’s sure to make even royalty feel extra special! So whether you’re winding down after a hard day or creating a relaxing ambience on the weekend, light up the King Louis XIII Pre Roll and let yourself be carried away to your very own set of regal chambers!

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