25mg • Berry Blast • Purple Punch [20 pk] (500mg HHC)


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Indica Cannabinoid Blend

Product Description
If you’re feeling the need to unwind and experience the peace of mind offered by an indica strain, then our Berry Blast Gummies are your go-to solution. With 25mg of HHC in each piece of this irresistible gourmet treat, you’re sure to encounter a cozy high with the perfect balance of comfort and relief.

About the Strain:
Introducing Purple Punch, a delightful and calming blend of two popular indica strains. Through the combination of Larry OG with Granddaddy Purple, the result is the magnificent Purple Punch. This strain packs a powerful punch, both mentally and physically, starting with a hit to the head before soothing the body. Perfect for indulging in after a meal, Purple Punch offers a delicious dessert-like experience. Additionally, it may provide relief for nausea, stress, minor body discomfort, and difficulty sleeping.

Purple Punch has caryophyllene as its most abundant terpene. This is followed by limonene and then pinene, making each terpene present in this hybrid strain’s distinct aroma. In fact, it’s caryophyllene that gives Purple Punch its signature spicy, peppery scent, complemented by a hint of citrus from the limonene. The sweet, woody profile is attributed to the pinene, which elevates the characteristics of the other two terpenes into an unforgettable flavor bouquet.

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