King Louis XIII Strain Review

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If a cannabis strain has the word “King” in it, it is probably a contender to be the GOAT! When searching for the best strain of all time, King Louis XIII never ceases to be on top of any list.

This OG Kush phenotype is very prominent in the So-Cal cannabis scene, but it is gaining popularity worldwide for its high potency, intense aromas, and distinctive taste. If you want to learn more about this infamous strain and determine whether or not the King Louis XIII strain is for you –  you came to the right place!


Key Takeaways

  • King Louis XIII is a strain created by crossing OG Kush and LA Confidential.
  • The name King Louis XIII came from the French King, who was famous for making wigs for men, and because of the French King’s distinct smell.
  • The King Louis XIII strain is known for its distinct piney smell and earthy musk, which reminds users of the outdoors.
  • King Louis XIII makes users feel happy, sleepy, and ultra-relaxed.
  • The taste of this strain is also very earthy and pungent, similar to how it smells.
  • It is moderately easy to grow with a short flowering period and medium yields.


What Is King Louis XIII Strain?

The King Louis XIII strain is one of the strongest indica strains in the cannabis market, with THC percentages that range from 20% to 29%. It originated in Southern California and is known for its large, dense buds, distinct flavor, and very pungent aroma.

Many users enjoy King Louis XIII for its potent and euphoric effects, making it ideal for medical marijuana patients who want to relax and rest.

Aside from being delicious, this strain will hit users hard after just one hit. Unlike other strains that will creep up on you, one hit of the King Louis XIII strain will instantly make you feel its strong relaxing effects – whether you smoke buds, live resin vapes, or dab THC diamonds.


King Louis XIII Strain Appearance

Aside from King Louis XIII’s distinctive taste, it also features distinct looks with its large and densely packed green buds. The buds are also covered with orange hairs and white and light green sticky resin that will make your jaw drop – especially if you are a cannabis enthusiast and a long-time smoker.


King Louis XIII Strain Genetics

King Louis XIII was created from OG Kush and LA Confidential, and this strain is also a parent to strains like Gremlin and OG Los Angeles Kush. It is truly a West Coast strain and one of the most popular strains in California and most states where weed is legal.

THC/CBD Content

The King Louis XIII strain contains an average THC percentage of 24% with 1% CBD.


King Louis XIII Strain Terpenes

The terpenes responsible for its distinct aroma are myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. Myrcene has an herbal, earthy, and piney aroma, which is more noticeable than other terpenes that give it a citrusy and peppery smell.


King Louis XIII Strain Effects

Users keep on coming back for King Louis XIII because this strain makes them feel very relaxed, happy, and hungry – aside from the strong euphoric effects. However, smoking too much might also cause dizziness, dry eyes, and cottonmouth.


King Louis XIII Strain Reported Flavors

Because of its combination of terpenes, users say that King Louis XIII has a piney, earthy, woody, and sometimes spicy taste – comparable to its parent strains.


King Louis XIII Strain Growing Info

If you want to grow the King Louis XIII strain yourself, it is moderately easy to do so since it only takes 7 to 9 weeks to flower. The height of each plant is relatively medium. Expect to get a medium yield after each harvest. In addition, you can grow this plant inside a grow tent or outdoors to ensure higher yields.


Strains Like King Louis XIII Strain

If you are looking for similar strains to King Louis XIII, you can also try Gummiez, Khalifa Kush, Pineapple Preserves, and Holy Grail Kush. If you are more into sweet flavors, you can also try Grape Gushers or Orange Creamsicle.


Where To Find King Louis XIII Strain

If you are looking for a place to get this strain, Melee Dose offers King Louis XIII Diamond Infused THCA Pre Roll.

But aside from this highly potent pre-rolled joint, Melee also offers a wide range of cannabinoid products, such as other pre-rolled THCA flowers, disposable vapes, and gummies– allowing users to experience more ways to get high. Plus, you can get our products delivered straight to your door!


King Louis XIII Strain: FAQs

Is King Louis XIII Indica Or Sativa?

King Louis XIII is an Indica strain that is known for its high potency and couch-locking effects. It is a highly relaxing strain that will take over your body and mind– making it ideal for the more experienced cannabis users. If you are planning errands or working for the day, do not think about hitting this strain first.

How Strong Is King Louis XIII Strain?

King Louis XIII is one of the strongest indica strains in the cannabis market. It contains 20% THC and boasts ultra-relaxing effects on your entire body, making you not want to move.

How Does King Louis Make You Feel?

King Louis will make you feel very sleepy and relaxed with strong bursts of euphoria and psychoactive effects. It will also give you the munchies, so make sure you have your takeout place on speed dial before enjoying the ride King Louis XIII will take you on.

What Is The Strongest Indica Strain In The World?

The strongest indica strains in the world include Hindu Kush, Indica Crystal Extreme, Granddaddy Purple, and King Louis XIII. These strains have a THC percentage that ranges from 20 to 30%, which is a very high percentage compared to other options.

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