Is Delta-10 Stronger Than Delta-9?

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Delta-9 THC is the original cannabinoid that people are familiar with. You can get Delta-9 from hemp or cannabis indica and sativa plants, and it is popular for its psychoactive effects – which is one of the main reasons people consume it.

However, it is not the only cannabinoid in the market these days. Aside from CBD, which is another popular cannabinoid – one of them is Delta-10, with products taking over the legal market shelves.

Delta-10 and Delta-9 are highly similar. They have the same molecules but differ in molecules and atomic structure, and those slight differences make these two cannabinoid siblings produce different effect profiles. We can tell you right now that both will get you high, but the type of high you get from each option varies.

If you base it on the numeric value, you might think Delta-10 is more potent than Delta-9. However, it is so much more than that. If you smoke weed or just like to read about new products and discoveries, this article will explain the key differences between Delta-9 and Delta-10 and find out which option is more potent to determine which is best for you!

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Key Takeaways

  • Delta-10 and Delta-9 THC are similar cannabinoids with slight molecular differences, resulting in different effects profiles. Delta-9 produces a more uplifting and calming high, while Delta-10 can provide a motivating and productive high, allowing users to remain functional and focused.
  • Legally, Delta-9 is only legal in a few states when extracted from cannabis plants, while Delta-10 is federally legal when extracted from hemp and legal in over 30 states, making it more accessible.
  • Delta-9 THC is generally more potent and cost-effective compared to Delta-10. However, by taking higher doses of Delta-10, users may be able to reach a similar level of high as Delta-9, albeit with milder psychoactive effects. It is advisable to start with a lower dose of Delta-10 and adjust based on personal tolerance.


What Is Delta-10 And Delta-9 THC?

Delta-10 and Delta-9 THC isomers of each other, which means they share a similar chemical formula with a slightly different structure. The numeric value adjacent to the name has nothing to do with how strong it is, and it isn’t a number to rank these cannabinoids.

In case you were wondering, the 10 in Delta-10 means that the location of a carbon double-bond occurs on the tenth bond in the carbon chain. And you probably guessed it, Delta-9’s carbon double-bond occurs in the 9th position.

But enough with the chemistry, let’s talk about the practical differences that you might be more interested in.


How Is Delta-10 And Delta-9 THC Made?

Delta-10 and Delta-9 occur naturally in marijuana and hemp plants. However, to make products, such as hemp-derived vapes and gummies, professionals use lab-grade equipment to extract the cannabinoids from hemp and cannabis.

Delta-9 has higher concentrations in marijuana, which is why it was the first cannabinoid scientists discovered a long time ago.

As for the origins of Delta-10, its discovery was based on an accident. Because of California fires, a batch of hemp was contaminated with fire-retardant, and while the hemp was being processed, a strange formation of crystals appeared in the extract – which was later identified as Delta-10.

Although Delta-10 occurs naturally in hemp, it only produces trace amounts in each plant. But scientists discovered a process to produce more Delta-10 with the use of additives to modify Delta-9 THC’s structure – which is why Delta-10 is considered a semi-synthetic cannabinoid.


What Is The Difference Between Delta-9 And Delta-10?

There are many differences when you compare these two cannabinoids. They differ in effect profile, legality, cost, market availability, and more.

The High

Delta-9 produces a more uplifting and calming high, but anecdotal evidence suggests that Delta-10 can produce a more motivating high, which is excellent if you want to feel the effects but also be sociable and able to do errands and work.


As for their legality, Delta-9 is federally legal when extracted from hemp but only legal in a few states when extracted from marijuana plants.

Delta-10 is also federally legal when extracted from hemp, but legal in 30+ states – which is more states than where Delta-9 is legal.

Market Availability

Delta-9 is more difficult to obtain because of its legality. On the other hand, Delta-10 is offered by many brands in the form of gummies or vape products.

However, we always like to remind our readers to only get their cannabinoid products from brands and retailers they can trust to be safe.


Since Delta-9 has higher concentrations found in hemp and marijuana, it is much cheaper compared to Delta-10 products.


Delta-10 vs. Delta-9, How Do They Make You Feel?

Although both cannabinoids are psychoactive, their effect profiles are slightly different. Users report that Delta-9 has a much more potent high, which produces a more invigorating effect when taken in higher doses. However, small to medium doses of Delta-9 can produce a calming effect, depending on the user’s tolerance.

On the other hand, users report that they feel more motivated and productive when consuming Delta-10. Since it is milder than Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 may not alter your headspace as much as taking too much Delta-9 THC.

With Delta-10, you might still be able to think clearly and go on about your day while still feeling a calm but motivating effect.


How Strong is Delta-10?

Delta-10 is not as potent or robust as Delta-9. It is a milder version of Delta-9, which is excellent for people with lower tolerances for Delta-9 THC products. Without getting too high, you can still function and socialize with other people without the reported side effects of taking too much Delta-9 – which are paranoia and anxiety.


Is Delta-10 Stronger Than Delta-9?

Both cannabinoids produce different effects. But when it comes to potency and getting high, Delta-9 is twice as strong as Delta-10. However, by taking twice as much Delta-10, you might still be able to reach a Delta-9-level high with Delta-10.

It is important to know that although Delta-10 has milder psychoactive effects than Delta-9, it is still better to start slow and see how your body reacts to it before taking on a heroic amount.


How Much Delta-10 Should I Take To Get High?

There are a couple of factors that affect tolerance, such as body weight, age, metabolism, and the way you consume Delta-10. However, the general rule of thumb is taking 5 to 10 milligrams for beginners or double that amount if you are a long-time Delta-9 smoker.

But as we mentioned earlier, you should start slow – even if you are accustomed to the Delta-9 high. Since the effect profiles are different, you might not enjoy the effects when you take too much Delta-10.


Can You Take Too Much Delta-10 THC?

There might not be enough evidence to conclude that you cannot take too much Delta-10 THC, but anecdotal reports say that taking too much of it can still make you too high to function. If getting too high is not your goal, you better start slow.


Can You Take Delta-10 And Delta-9 Together?

Yes, you can take them together. In fact, some vape products mix these two cannabinoids in their cartridges or disposables. Both of these cannabinoids affect the CB1 receptor, which might cause your tolerance to build up when taken together.

However, when buying cannabinoid products, you should know where to buy Delta-9 and Delta-10 safely. Other brands might have misleading descriptions of their products, which could be unsafe for users.

If you are looking to take Delta-10 and Delta-9 together, you can try the Wedding Cake Live Resin Disposable Vape, which features a blend of flavors and cannabinoids that are paired carefully for the safety of users.


What About Delta-10 vs. Delta-9 v. Delta-8: Which Is The  Strongest?

Delta-10 and Delta-9 aren’t the only popular THC cannabinoids. Delta-8 is also gaining its popularity. In case you were wondering which of these three cannabinoids is the strongest, the answer depends on the effects you prefer.

Overall, Delta-9 THC is still the most potent option among the three options, but that doesn’t mean it is the best option for you. If you are a beginner, Delta-8 might be a good choice because of its milder high and relaxation effects.

If you want milder psychoactive effects that could affect productivity, Delta-10 is your best bet. But if you really want to get high and feel intense psychoactive effects, a full dose of Delta-9 is the answer.


Final Thoughts

Because Delta-10 is milder than Delta-9, we can conclude that Delta-10 is not stronger than Delta-9 when it comes to getting high and psychoactive effects. However, Delta-10 is legal in more states, meaning it is more accessible.

If you live in a state where Delta-10 is legal but Delta-9 isn’t, don’t worry. You can still get high legally with Delta-10 as long as you take enough you can get as high, or even higher, as using Delta-9.


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