How To Unclog Delta-8 Disposables

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Vaping is one of the most convenient ways to enjoy Delta-8 THC. There are many vape options out there, including Delta-8 carts or disposable vapes. But for most weed enthusiasts, a Delta-8 disposable vape is the best option. It has everything you need built inside one convenient package, enabling users to start vaping out of the box.

However, one of the most common problems with disposable vapes is clogging, which is quite an easy fix and nothing to be worried about. Clogs are usually caused by heavy usage, not using the vape quite often – and more reasons in between.

Note that this could happen with any type of vape, whether it’s an HHC or Delta-8 disposable vape, so if you are having problems with either of these – this article will help!

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Key Takeaways

  • Vaping is one of the easiest ways to enjoy cannabinoids like Delta-8 THC, HHC, and Delta-9.
  • Clogging happens due to heavy usage, improper storage, and when you haven’t been using your disposable vape for a while.
  • Clogging is a common problem with disposable vapes, but it can be avoided with proper use and storage.
  • To avoid clogs in the first place, make sure you buy quality disposable vapes from brands you can trust, like Melee.


Why Does My Delta-8 Cart Clog?

The quality of the oil and disposable vape is one reason for getting clogged, but there are other reasons to watch out for. Delta-8 THC oil is quite sticky and dense, which is why it needs heat for it to reach the bottom of the chamber and into the cotton wick and atomizer of the disposable device.

Here are some of the reasons why your disposable vape gets clogged:

Heavy/Everyday Use

Delta-8 is quite potent, meaning it can get very thick – making it difficult to move around the oil chamber. In high concentrations, the oil may crystalize and cause the device to clog up the airflow. Although clogging is not good, thick oil means you have a potent batch of Delta-8 in your hands.

For high-quality disposable vapes, clogging is normal with everyday use, especially when you store your disposable device horizontally or toss it in a bag or your drawer carelessly after using it.

Heavy usage can also cause clogging because excessive heating of the oil inside can cause it to move around and stay in areas where it can clog the air holes.

Vape Oil Is Too Hot

If you leave your disposable device in areas that experience high temperatures or leave it in areas exposed to the sun, the oil inside can get thinner and move around the chamber. This will cause the oil to clog air holes when the oil thickens as the temperature decreases.

We recommend not leaving your disposable device in your car, especially when parked outside and exposed to the sun. The best place to store your device is at room temperature. If your vape was exposed to too much heat – let it rest for a while in a cool area before hitting it.

The Vape Is Too Cold

On the other hand, if it gets too cold, the oil will get thicker and will get harder to hit. The excess oil in the air holes will freeze and end up clogging your device.

Left Unused For Too Long

Let’s say you don’t use your disposable Delta-8 vape that often and only hit it a few times each week or just when you want to stay discreet. Not heating the oil inside the chambers can cause the oil to thicken, therefore, clogging your disposable device.

Many users who forgot they had a disposable device ended up having a hard time hitting it over time. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent your Delta-8 disposable device from clogging.


How To Prevent My Delta-8 Disposable From Clogging

So you bought a new Delta-8 Disposable vape, and you don’t want it to end up getting clogged. Here are effective ways to prevent that from happening:

Start With Softer Hits

Hitting your disposable vape too hard can cause clogging, so make sure you start with softer hits. If you want to get high, just take more frequent softer hits instead of doing giant rips that could wear out your device.

Draw More Air/Longer Tokes

When taking tokes out of your vape, try to keep hitting it more after you stop firing to clear out the excess vapor. Excess vapor and oil may cause these clogs, and drawing more air can prevent condensation that builds up in the inner walls of the oil chamber.

Keep Disposable Vertical When Not Using

Carelessly storing your vape in your bag or throwing it on your desk or bed after using it can cause clogging. It is best to store it upright so gravity can help you get every last drop of oil down to the bottom and prevent clogging.


How To Unclog A Delta-8 Disposable

So you have a clogged Delta-8 disposable. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of it. We know these devices do not come cheap, and you want to enjoy every last drop. If you have a clogged disposable, here are effective ways to fix it:

Warm Your Cart

Heating the oil inside your disposable vape or cart can make it thinner – enabling the oil to move out of the clogged areas and down to the bottom of the oil chamber. However, you should never use a lighter to directly heat the oil inside your vape because it could damage the chamber and other functions of your disposable vape.

The most effective ways to heat the oil inside your disposable vape are:

  • Rubbing the disposable vape or cartridge between your palms for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Place your device in a warm area near a light or radiator.
  • Use a blow dryer in the hot setting to blow hot air directly at your device. Make sure the distance of the hair dryer is at least a foot away to avoid excessive heat that could damage the device.

Clean Out Your Cart

You could also try clearing the clogged mouthpiece manually with a toothpick or safety pin. Use a toothpick or safety pin to dislodge whatever is clogging the mouthpiece until you can experience normal airflow.

Take A Hit With No Fire

Some minor clogs are easily fixed by taking hits to clear the airflow. Without firing the device, try hitting on the mouthpiece until you feel the pressure of the clogs getting dislodged. After that, you can try firing the device to see if you can hit it normally.


How To Clean Disposable Vapes

Vape oil and vapor can get quite sticky, especially if they build up around your disposable vape device. You can avoid clogs and other disposable vape malfunctions if you try cleaning your device every once in a while.

You can use cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol to clean the exterior of a disposable vape. As for the mouthpiece, you can use a toothpick or safety pin to clear the air holes and use a damp paper towel to clean the mouthpiece.

Make sure you don’t soak up your device too much, and use a paper towel to dry it off after cleaning.


What Is The Best Delta-8 Disposable

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Final Thoughts

Clogging is common with disposable devices, but you can prevent these issues to avoid hassles. To prevent your disposable device from clogging, you should start by buying only high-quality devices from brands you can trust. Then, you should store it properly and keep it clean from all the residue to enjoy your vape till the last drop!


Delta-8 Disposable: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is A Delta-8 Disposable Strong?

Delta-8 disposables are filled with potent Delta-8 THC extract. It is quite strong, so if you don’t want to get too high to function, you can stick with other options like CBD vapes.

Are Delta-8 Disposable Vapes Good?

Many users say that Delta-8 disposable vapes taste great with excellent effects. However, what makes them really good is the convenience they bring when it comes to quick and discreet usage.

How Much Does A Delta-8 Disposable Cost?

Delta-8 disposable prices vary depending on the mg content. You can get them in 1000 mg or 2000 mg, which costs anywhere between $30 to $60.

Can You Buy Delta-8 Disposables?

In some states, Delta-8 is not yet legal, but in most legal states, you can buy Delta-8 disposable devices from Melee.

Why Is My Disposable Vape Blocked?

Delta-8 has thick oil, meaning it is blocked because of condensation or oil buildup in the mouthpiece and other air holes in your device.

Why Is Wax Coming Out Of My Disposable?

Some low-quality devices are prone to leaks in the mouthpiece, which causes the wax to come out. Make sure you only buy your devices from trusted brands.

Why Is My Disposable Not Pulling?

There could be many reasons why your disposable is not pulling. Check if the device is on and has a full charge first. If it is on and still not pulling, check if there is oil residue clogging the airflow, and follow one of the methods in the article to fix your issue.

You can watch this video for more tips on how to unclog your device:

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