Grandaddy Purp Strain Review

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Grandaddy Purple, aka Grandaddy Purps, is one of the most popular strains in the world of cannabis. It is an indica-dominant hybrid strain created by Ken Estes in San Francisco in 2003. It may be old, but even to this day, Grandaddy Purps is still one of the best-selling weed strains in the market!

Why is this old strain popular, you ask? Aside from its highly-potent indica effects, the plant itself looks iconic! Learn more about this strain in this Grandaddy Purple strain review.

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Key Takeaways

  • Grandaddy Purp was created by Ken Estes by crossing Big Bud with Purple Urkle.
  • It is a potent strain that has intense, full-bodied, and psychoactive effects.
  • It contains a concentration of 20 to 24% THC, making it one of the strongest indica strains out there.
  • It gives off a very powerful smell of sweet grape accented by a spicy pungency,
  • Grandaddy Purple tastes fruity, making it an excellent strain for live resin vapes.


What Is The Grandaddy Purp Strain?

Grandaddy Purp is the ultimate indica hybrid strain created by Ken Estes in the Bay Area, California. It is the product of merging two classic strains: Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Combining the genetics of these mega strains resulted in creating one of the best strains we all know and love.

It gets a lot of its looks and aroma from its parents, and as for its effects – you can expect a strong relaxing body high with mild hallucinations if you take a good enough amount. But keep in mind that because of its overly relaxing body effects, you may end up getting couch lock.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Appearance

The Grandaddy Purple strain shares a lot of resemblance to its parents, Big Bud and Purple Urkle. It has dense big buds with a dark purple hue complemented by bright orange hairs and frosted white trichomes spread throughout the buds – which really looks good on photos and magazine covers!

What makes its appearance really stand out is its yellow-orange hairs covered in snowy crystalline THC trichomes. The synergy of all the contrasts and colors makes this strain one of the market’s most photogenic and mouth-watering strains.

If you like how Grandaddy Purple marijuana looks, you will definitely love how it feels. The sticky resin on each bud makes it really dank and satisfying if you want to grind them manually with your bare hands.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Genetics

Grandaddy Purp is an 80% indica and 20% sativa strain that averages a 21% THC level, giving users a potent high. It gets its purple looks and aroma from Purple Urkle but gets its huge bud structure from its other parent, Big Bud.

Grandaddy Purp Strain THC/CBD Content

The THC content averages 21%, with very little CBD content that is barely 1%.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Terpenes

GDP’s terpenes give it a sweet candy-like aroma, which adds to the overall experience you get when smoking this strain. Although, you could still smell a hint of earthy aroma and pine flavor if you really pay attention to its complex taste and smell.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Effects

This robust and potent strain may have overwhelming effects on the mind and body, but it is nothing weed smokers cannot handle. The effects peak really quickly, and as soon as you take a puff – you will immediately feel the relaxing effects.

One hit will allow you to feel the gravity pulling your body down, sinking you into your bed or couch. Indica might have these heavy effects. But as you melt down into your chair, anecdotal evidence also shows that Grandaddy Purps also provides a happy cerebral high and bursts of euphoria.

Because of these effects, Grandaddy Purp is more of an end-of-the-day type of strain you can use to relax after a long day of work or doing errands. Aside from smoking this strain, many users also use it for cooking edibles because of its satisfying effects and strong THC levels.

Microdosing this strain is also an option if you don’t want to get too high and fall asleep. Plus, taking just the right amount of this strain may also make you more creative and energetic because of its 20% sativa content.

You can use the extra creativity to work on your craft, come up with new ideas, and more – as long as you hit the sweet spot with your doses.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Reported Flavors

Grandaddy Purp has an extremely distinct and recognizable grapey flavor. It has just the right amount of tang from berries and other sweet treats. Other users report a hint of pine and earthy flavors, which makes sense because of its flavor complexity. Overall, GDP tastes as good as it looks, and there is no surprise there.


Grandaddy Purp Strain Growing Info

Growing this strain is very challenging, especially if you are a beginner. But for experienced growers, the growing difficulty is somewhat moderate. When growing Grandaddy Purp, you need to be mindful of humidity levels. But at least you don’t have to worry too much about mold, pests, and mildew because this strain is quite resistant.

You can grow Grandaddy Purple either indoors or outdoors, but it needs excellent ventilation to get the best yield.

Flowering time usually takes around 8-11 weeks. Depending on where you grow them, you can get a yield of 17 ounces indoors and 19 ounces outdoors per plant.


Strains Like Grandaddy Purp Strain

If there is one strain in the world that has spot-on similarities to Granddaddy Purp, that would be Grape Ape. Many growers and marijuana users even speculate that they are exactly the same strain – but there is not enough evidence to know for sure.


Where To Find Grandaddy Purp Strain

Did this review make you want to try Granddaddy Purp? Well, most dispensaries carry this strain and it is not that hard to find.

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