Does Delta-8 Affect Delta-9 Tolerance?

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If you have been smoking Delta-9 THC for a while and noticed that it takes more than your regular dose to get you high, your tolerance is probably building up.

Although there is no hard research to prove it, anecdotal evidence suggests that the more Delta-9 you smoke, the higher the dosage you need to get the same experience from each toke.

With that said, if you are struggling with a high tolerance for Delta-9 THC – maybe it’s time for a tolerance break from THC or hemp-derived Delta-9 THC.

Although it may be a little challenging to completely go cold turkey and detox from THC to reset your tolerance levels – there may be an easier way, such as switching to a different cannabinoid like Delta-8. The only question is – will Delta-8 affect your Delta-9 tolerance? Let’s dive into this article and find out!


Key Takeaways

  • Both Delta-9 and Delta-8 are psychoactive compounds found in marijuana or hemp-derived THC products. Delta-8 has about half of regular THC’s psychoactive effects, making it less potent.
  • Delta-9 THC is not only stronger, but it also only binds to the proteins in the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Delta-8 binds to both CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors, but it has fewer psychoactive effects, making it somewhat effective for cannabis smokers who need tolerance breaks.
  • Although Delta-8 still has psychoactive effects, it is much milder than Delta-9 and it affects other receptors in the system, making it useful for tolerance breaks.
  • If your Delta-9 tolerance is building up and you can’t seem to get as high as you want without smoking or consuming too much THC, you can switch your routine and try changing cannabinoids, switching different methods of consumption, or try micro-dosing.
  • Delta-8 might not be legal in your area, so make sure you check with state laws as they differ even if hemp-derived Delta-8 is federally legal due to the 2018 Farm Bill.


How Does Weed Tolerance Work?

Whether you are smoking, vaping, dabbing, or eating edibles with THC – your tolerance will slowly build up, depending on how frequently and how much THC you consume.

People who smoke a few times every day for a long time are most likely to have a higher tolerance than those who smoke THC occasionally, which means if you are an occasional smoker, you might not need a tolerance break at all.

When you consume cannabis, you are either binding the CB1, CB2, or both cannabinoid receptors in your endocannabinoid system – depending on which compounds you are consuming.

In the case of Delta-9 consumption, it only binds to the proteins of your CB1 receptor, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects. On the other hand, Delta-8 binds to both receptors.

But since Delta-8 is only half as potent as Delta-9, it could still be an effective way to take a break from the more potent Delta-9 to reset your tolerance.

Other factors, such as age, weight, and metabolism, affect a person’s tolerance to THC. Although the tolerance of each user depends on these factors, the frequency of consumption is the main factor that affects a person’s tolerance.


Which Is Stronger, Delta-8 Or Delta-9?

Delta-9 THC or regular THC from cannabis plants is stronger and more potent. This cannabinoid is known for having psychoactive effects that can get you high. On the other hand, Delta-8 THC is found in hemp, producing less psychoactive effects than Delta-9.

Although both are cannabinoids with several similarities, our body reacts differently depending on which of these two cannabinoids is consumed. Research on Delta-8 is quite limited, but user reports say that Delta-8 has milder effects.

In general, Delta-8 is considered to be half as potent as Delta-9. But with bigger doses, you can still reach the high you want with Delta-8. If you want to take a tolerance break from Delta-9, you can still get high with Delta-8 by trying different methods of consumption or by doubling down on your doses.


Is Delta-8 Tolerance The Same As Delta-9?

Without putting potency into the mix, Delta-8 and Delta-9 tolerances are different in terms of cannabinoid receptors. Because they bind to different receptors in our endocannabinoid system, the tolerance you build up from consuming either of the two cannabinoids is slightly different.

As mentioned above, Delta-9 binds to CB1 receptors, and Delta-8 binds to CB1 and CB2 receptors. If you are smoking Delta-9, you are building the tolerance of your CB1 receptor. If you consume Delta-8, you are building tolerance for both receptors, but not as much due to its lower potency.


Is There A Cross Tolerance Between Delta-8 And Delta-9?

Because research on tolerance with both of these cannabis compounds is limited, giving a straight answer is very tricky. Because these two cannabinoids both affect the CB1 receptor, it could lead to cross-tolerance.

However, because Delta-8 is only half as strong as Delta-9 and it also affects the CB2 receptor, consuming only Delta-8 for a while might make you feel a difference when you switch back to Delta-9.

Some users even report that Delta-8 effects, although milder, can have a longer effect – especially if you pair it with Delta-9 THC.


Can You Take Delta-8 And Delta-9 Together?

Instead of switching between Delta-8 and Delta-9, you can also try to take them together if your tolerance is getting a little up there, but you want to experience a more potent high. However, mixing the two might not be good if you are trying to lower your tolerance.

One example of a product that mixes both Delta-8 and Delta-9 into one disposable vape is our Wedding Cake Live Resin Disposable. If you want to lower your tolerance, you can try micro-dosing this vape. The effects might not be the same when you are micro-dosing, but the important thing is once you get back to your regular doses – you will be higher than a kite!


Does Delta-8 Affect Delta-9 Tolerance?

As we mentioned before, there is not a lot of research on the subject, and more studies need to be conducted to know for sure. But based on anecdotal evidence and user reports, Delta-8 can affect Delta-9 tolerance.

The two cannabinoids might have cross-tolerance, but Delta-8 is milder, meaning it might not have the same effects on your CB1 receptors compared to Delta-9 – in which switching to Delta-8 for a while will allow your CB1 receptors to regenerate.

Many people use cannabis for wellness and recreational purposes, which means it might be challenging to drop the usage of cannabis and hemp during tolerance breaks. In this case, switching between cannabinoids is one of the better options.

Another possible option is switching methods of consumption. For example, you can switch from regular Delta-9 to live resin Delta-9.


Is There A Difference In Tolerance Between Smoking And Edibles?

When smoking weed, you will instantly feel the effects after one toke. Edibles and tinctures do not work that way, meaning your receptors have more time to regenerate after every use. Not only do some cannabis edibles like gummies may have stronger effects, but they also last longer.

Although more research is needed to know for sure, user reports suggest that your tolerance wouldn’t build up as fast compared to smoking.


How Long Does It Take To Reset Weed Tolerance?

The time it takes to reset your tolerance level depends on certain factors like how frequently you consume Delta-9 and other factors like age and metabolism.

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough evidence and research to know how long it will take to reset your tolerance, but a good rule of thumb is the more THC you previously used, the longer it will take to reset your weed tolerance.

Some people only need a few days, but for heavier smokers – tolerance breaks can last for weeks or even months for them to feel a difference.


How To Reset Weed Tolerance

If you cannot get as high as you used to because your tolerance level is through the roof – there are some effective ways to reset your weed tolerance, such as:

Switching Cannabinoids

If you are a long-time Delta-9 user, switching to Delta-8, HHC, CBD, or other compounds might work in resetting your weed tolerance. Although it might not work for some users, it is still worth a shot.

Switching Consumption Methods

You can also try switching consumption methods. You can switch between smoking, dabbing, vaping, and consuming edibles from time to time and see the difference. Or even within the same category, you can switch from a regular to a live resin vape.


You can also try micro-dosing to reduce your tolerance. It might not be easy, as you might not feel the effects you want, but it is possible to reset your tolerance so you can enjoy getting high without smoking or consuming too much weed.


Final Thoughts

Although tolerance in different weed smokers varies due to factors like age, metabolism, and dosage – you can still take a break and reset your weed tolerance by trying different methods. For most users, switching to D8 from D9 works for them to lower tolerance, but there is a slight chance that it might not work for you.

With that said, you can try other methods, such as switching the way you consume weed. For example, if you have been smoking a lot of cannabis flower, you can switch to eating edibles like gummies.

You can also try to lower your dosage until your receptors adjust. Trying other cannabinoids that are less potent than Delta-9 THC, such as HHC, CBN, and CBD has also worked for some users.


Where To Buy Delta-8 And Delta-9 Products Online

If you haven’t tried any Delta-8 or Delta-9 products, don’t just go online and search for them because you might end up with unsafe and inferior products. To gain more insight into tolerance for these cannabinoids – trying them would be the best resource.

When safely buying Delta-9 or Delta-8 products, especially vape cartridges, disposable vapes, and gummies – you want to make sure you get them from a trusted retailer and brands that do their due diligence to ensure that the contents are accurate.

Melee is a trusted online brand and Delta-8 and Delta-9 retailer where you can get your cannabinoid products straight to your doorstep. Whether you need disposable vapes or gummies, Melee has some of the best products.

Our Kiwi – Pink Candy Kush Gummies combine 5 of the most well-known cannabinoids into one delicious mouth-watering gummy! It is a potent edible that consists of both Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC, which might be an excellent option for your D9 tolerance break. It is infused with terpenes from the Pink Candy Kush strain, which gives it a fruity flavor, aroma, and relaxing effect.

If you don’t need a tolerance break and want to switch from smoking cannabis flowers to eating low-mg edibles instead, maybe these Blue Razz – Runtz Gummies are the best option for you. Although they contain Delta-9 THC, you can still use them to lower your tolerance by taking them in small doses instead.

Aside from gummies, vapes that contain lesser-known cannabinoids might also be an effective option for your D9 tolerance break. Although some of our products also contain D9 THC, most of them are legal and hemp-derived, so they are not as strong or as potent as cannabis flowers. But be warned – these disposable vape options can still get you high.

One example is the Grape Gushers Disposable Vape. This option contains HHC and CBN, which are not exactly Delta-8 THC, but they are not as strong as Delta-9 – meaning this option can be an excellent alternative if you still want to reap the benefits without building towards a higher weed tolerance.

If you are into Delta-8, the Wedding Cake Disposable Vape is also available for purchase. This option contains cannabinoids like D8, HHC, D9, and D10. And instead of purely vaping Delta-9, it adds more cannabinoids into the mix, possibly lowering your tolerance.

If you are into sweet and tangy flavors and fruity aromas, the Orange Creamsicle Disposable Vape would also be an excellent alternative for your tolerance breaks. Although you are trying to reset your tolerance, these disposable vapes could still get you high once your tolerance is set back to normal. So we wouldn’t be surprised if you stick to them for a longer time than you intended.

For more selections of gummies, disposable vapes, and more, you should definitely visit the Melee online store.

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