Is Live Resin Dangerous?

Woman on a couch holding a diamond gummy from Melee Dose.

Many cannabis users love that stuff; they like how it makes them feel. Relaxed, happy, euphoric, creative, contented, etc., are some adjectives commonly used to describe these feelings. But the fun is punctuated with safety concerns because different forms of cannabis affect users differently. So, there is a concerted effort to develop accessories and cannabis […]

Orange Creamsicle Strain Review

Melee's Orange Creamsicle Live Resin Disposable on a background with ice creams.

If you’re a fan of citrus-flavored delights, look no further than the enchanting Orange Creamsicle strain! This sativa-dominant strain is a true pleasure for the senses, embodying the classic taste and aroma of a summertime favorite. Let’s dive into this fun review of the Orange Creamsicle strain that’ll leave you craving for more. If you […]

Does Live Resin Get You Higher Than Distillate?

Woman vaping with a glass wall behind her.

Vaping is one of the neatest ways to get high. It’s discreet, and the smell doesn’t stick. But, more importantly– it is really convenient. But if you are not updated on vape terms like live resin or distillate, you might not get the high you expect. With so many vape options, getting something that matches […]


HHC and HHCO products from Melee Dose with Melee's logo in the middle.

With hemp-derived cannabinoids now being federally legal, cannabis researchers and lab professionals are coming up with new ways to get you high and experience the other benefits that come with it. These recent discoveries brought compounds like HHC and HHCO to life using legal hemp-derived THC, which led to the creation of vape products for […]