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Introducing “Melee Records,” a vibrant space where cannabis culture collides with underground music seamlessly, creating an iconic blend of original beats. We’re proud to present “Cut & Polished Volume 1,” an EP that showcases an eclectic blend of hip-hop, boom-bap, trap, phonk, downtempo, lo-fi, and more, all meticulously crafted by our in-house network of talented producers. Melee Dose is much more than a cannabis brand. As tastemakers and creatives, we strive to bring new facets to our brand that further evoke our ethos. This is exactly that.

At “Melee Records,” we actively engage as creators, designers, tastemakers, and relentless advocates for the elevated state of mind. Our mission revolves around pushing boundaries, breaking stereotypes, and taking you on an extraordinary musical journey that spans genres and defies conventions. Allow us to dive into the nitty gritty of this 5-track masterpiece of otherworldly vibes.

Purpose & Intent

This inaugural EP serves as a radiant signal flare, embodying the very essence of our brand and offering an “ultra rare” fusion of soothing beats and mesmerizing melodies that will transport you to another dimension. How many other cannabis brands do you know that love music so much they put out their own independent releases? We push ourselves to bring Melee Dose to life in new ways that echo our own personal tastes and give our community the opportunity to further immerse themselves in our vibe.

As harbingers of the elevated state of mind, our purpose is to spread positive energy and nurture creativity, as well as help people find the potential benefits of plant medicine. With “Cut & Polished Volume 1” our intent is to sonically feed you a highly curated selection of original beats to stimulate your creativity and nourish your soul.

The Producers & Our Vibe

Our founders have always held deep connections in the music production space, purely from their passions for fire tunes. When further expanding our brand to give our community more tangible ways to connect and vibe, “Melee Records” made perfect sense. This music is all 100% original from artists we personally know and have supported along their artistic journeys. We don’t just lace up artists and influencers with products for the repost. These are people we genuinely collaborate with, and artists we really listen to, and want to see succeed.

You’ll find a range of genre-bending beats throughout “Cut & Polished Volume 1” from five different up-and-coming producers based across the United States. Many of these artists are still building their names and/or catalogs. Over time, we’ll begin unveiling the identities of some of the eccentric talent we have the privilege to work with in-house.

Track Breakdowns & Product Pairings

When we were narrowing down the track list for our first 5-song EP, “Cut & Polished Volume 1,” the decision-making factors varied. On one hand, we really chose the tracks that spoke to us the most when we put on our headphones. Good music is good music, and this EP is undoubtedly a reflection of our own personal tastes. While on the other hand, there were a few Melee Dose products we had in mind that would pair well with each of these tracks.

Grape Walk

To kick off the EP, we went with a fire track from our in-house collective. The beat has elements of Phonk, Trap, Lo-Fi, and more. Ethereal chimes ring in the distance with heavy reverb throughout as the track takes heavy dips into the Phonk and/or Trap-inspired booms and baps. Our 2-gram Grape Gushers disposable vape is the obvious pairing for the first track. Try taking a few rips of this potentially euphoric yet relaxing vape and see if the beat gets you moving extra slow. The sensation is enhanced with CBN and light notes of grape so you can potentially enjoy a deep, sweet slumber.


For the second track, we chose an OG original mix from our vault. Off the jump, the beat pays homage to classic Boom Bap-era greatness. As subtle horns come in to elevate the energy, you can’t help but hear Tribe Called Quest or Mobb Deep dropping psychotically smooth bars over every sixteen measures. This is the perfect song to bump during your morning commute or workout routine, so we recommend pairing it with our White Peach Mimosa (Sativa) 25mg Live Resin Gummies. The juicy peach flavor with a hint of champagne bubbly might amp up your day in a pleasant way in tandem with this entrancing beat.


If “Moblin” sped you up, then our third track, “Cyclo” will definitely slow you down. Haunting synth pads fill the air as you’re reminded of Tycho before the beat drops on a more downtempo Trap-influenced tip. Pads dampen and swell in response to the kick as you get lost in the beat. Again pulling from the iconic sounds of Memphis, a pitched-down phonk-style vocal sample carries you through to the next phrase. For this spacey banger, we suggest our 2-gram live resin Blueberry Mutant Cake disposable vape that blends HHC, D8, D9, and D10. Not only has it been enhanced with Wedding Cake Terpenes and Blueberries, but it might also provide an enjoyable mellow high that relieves tension and pain.


As huge fans of Lo-Fi, we had to throw “Moonset” into the mix. Punchy, dampened booms and baps swirl perfectly with dreamy bells and keys that float around your headphones. Classic retro TV vocal samples serve as drum fills as the beat builds after each phrase. This is 100% your new go-to study beat, or something you can put on while you work at your desk. To keep your productivity going, we recommend our 2-gram live resin Orange Creamsicle disposable vape. Taste delicious ripe oranges and sweet vanilla undertones on each hit and experience a potential boost to your creativity, mood, and focus.

Blu Nite

To finish off our inaugural EP, we chose “Blu Nite” from our collection of in-house produced cuts. In the same vein of Lo-Fi, the genre of “Jazz-Hop” has been emerging in relative prominence. This track showcases the sub-genre flawlessly with a more haunting, diaphanous, and trance-inspired twist. A mesmerizing saxophone solo commands the song with ominous breaks lead by the keys. We love listening to this track after a long day and believe our Pink Candy Kush Mutant Gummies are the ideal addition. With 39mg of Delta-8, Delta-9, Delta-10, and HHC in each gummy, you might find yourself lost in space midway through. Soon, body pain might melt away as you fall into a sedative chill that eventually calls for bed. 

What’s Next?

“Cut & Polished Volume 1” is truly the beginning of Melee Records. As implied in the name, we intend to release several other volumes of original underground music from our in-house collective of producers. On top of that, as our house of artists grows, we plan to keep bringing them further into the spotlight, elevating them and their music alongside our own brand. We may even delve into custom collaborations with specific artists, host a B2B DJ battle, or even a mini-festival! We don’t believe in limitations and will go as far as we can to elevate our brand, our community, and the creatives/artists we work with.

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