Mandarin Cookies: 2 Gram Disposable Vape

Mandarin Cookies: 2 Gram Disposable Vape

Have you ever enjoyed a cup of some delicious orange juice on a hot summer day? Refreshing isn’t it? If you are looking to replicate that incredible taste in a vape form (that gets you high AF), then you are in the right place.

Melee Dose 2 Gram Vape

Introducing Melee Dose Live Resin “Mandarin Cookies” 2 Gram Disposable Vape featuring rare cannabinoids such as HHC, Delta-9 THC, and CBC. This vape is not your typical disposable for a number of reasons. 2 grams of live resin extract, strain-specific terpenes, and curated cannabinoid blends all in brand new premium Avurt hardware. Now out of all the cannabinoids out there, you must be wondering why we chose this specific blend. Our team was interested in creating a product that gets you nice and high but also focused and in the zone.

Melee Dose “Mandarin Cookies” 2 Gram Disposable Vape is packed with 1440mg of HHC for a great euphoric buzz, 5mg of Delta-9 THC for that classic psychoactive THC feel, and 355mg of CBC to help you unlock creativity and enter your flow state.


We were able to blend together three different hemp derived cannabinoids, each with their own specific effect, into one potent vape thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which clarifies that Hemp is federally legal as long as it contains no more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis.

Learn more about each cannabinoid below:

What is HHC?

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive cannabinoid that was first synthesized by Roger Adams in 1944. HHC has a very similar structure to THC, with just two additional hydrogen molecules.

People who have used HHC generally enjoy the light euphoria and relaxation it provides, without the mental haziness typically found with other cannabinoids. It’s often seen as a good choice for those seeking to de-stress while still remaining clearheaded.

In terms of intensity, HHC is usually considered to be slightly stronger than Delta 8 THC, but less than Delta 9.

What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta- 9 THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, meaning it’s the cannabinoid that’s responsible for the famous “high” that we all know and love.

Delta-9 THC is the primary psychoactive component in cannabis, which means it’s the cannabinoid that causes the well-known “high” that we all enjoy. Delta-9 THC has been shown to be helpful in treating loss of appetite, chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia..

Delta-9 THC may sound like a new and cutting edge cannabinoid, but if you have ever smoked a joint before or eaten some pot brownies, then you have already had your first Delta-9 THC experience. The majority of consumers worldwide refer to Delta-9 as just “THC”.

What is CBC?

CBC, which stands for cannabichromene, is one of the more “underrated” non- psychoactive cannabinoids that has not yet achieved mainstream popularity like CBD and CBG.

According to some studies, CBC enhances mood and sociability by increasing levels of anandamide. Anandamide is a brain chemical that fosters feelings of happiness, satisfaction, and bliss.

study from 2013 shows that CBC might also be effective at promoting neurogenesis (the growth of new brain cells), especially when synergistically working with other cannabinoids, also known as the entourage effect.

Customers have reported effects of feeling more “in the zone” and focused when blending CBC with other cannabinoids.

Featured NFT:

It is no surprise that Melee Dose loves NFTs. We actually like them so much that we put ours and our friends’ NFTs on really cool and sleek looking packaging designed by the Melee in-house team. The featured NFT on the Mandarin Cookies packaging is BAYC #8920 which is from one of the legendary Yuga Labs projects called the “Bored Ape Yacht Club”.

BAYC #8920 is owned by one of the biggest tastemakers in the NFT and Web3 space, @cryptovondoom. Now who exactly is “CryptoVonDoom” ?

At the intersection of tech and marketing, Doom stumbled into Crypto in 2013. Thus began his journey down the rabbit hole of distraction. While in IRL Doom runs both a marketing agency and a visualization startup he’s been busy exploring and obsessing over the NFT space since late 2020.

Being a collector since childhood mixed with two foundational professional decades focused on tech, music, art, culture and marketing psychology, the NFT space was a natural fit for VonDoom.

Only 1000 “Mandarin Cookies” Disposable Vapes have been created by Melee Labs making this product and packaging a true collectors item. Bored Ape Yacht Club is considered to be the “Supreme” of NFTs making this collaboration with BAYC #8920 one for the books. The blend of HHC, Delta-9 THC, and CBC has never been concocted into a vape before making this the first of its kind to hit the market. Get your Limited Edition 2 Gram Disposable Vape on the Melee shop today. 

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