Banana Cake Strain Review

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If you are looking for a new strain to enjoy, Banana Cake might be your next favorite option. The lingering sweetness of banana with flavors of butter and honey topped with a whopping 23% THC percentage – who knows what will happen after every satisfying puff!

In this article, we will take a look into the Banana Cake strain and see if this sweet, potent strain is the best option for you!


Key Takeaways

  • Banana Cake is the cross between Wedding Cake and Banana OG.
  • Banana Cake contains 23% THC, which makes it very potent and ideal for experienced cannabis users.
  • The price of Banana Cake usually ranges from $40 to $45 per gram, which is on the high end.
  • Many users report that Banana Cake makes them feel happy and hungry.
  • Growing Banana Cake usually takes around 40 to 50 days until flowering, with large yields that add up to one ounce per square foot, depending on the space.


What Is The Banana Cake Strain?

Banana Cake is a potent strain with 23% THC, which is ideal for experienced weed smokers. Whether you get Banana Cake in THCA flower, vape, or any other form of concentrate – it boasts unique flavors and a pleasant aroma that will get any cannabis user’s attention.

This strain is bred by In House Genetics, and it is a cross between Banana OG Kush and Wedding Cake, which is the perfect combination to produce an iconic strain that allows users to experience sweet and creamy inhales and exhales with a sedative effect that will definitely leave users feeling relaxed and locked to their couch for hours.


Banana Cake Strain Appearance

One look at the Banana Cake nugs will have you craving for its sweet flavors. It features popcorn-shaped dense green nugs sprinkled with creamy white sticky resin and neon orange trichomes.

Without smoking it, you will already know that this strain will get you really high just by its looks and how it feels on your fingers.


Banana Cake Strain Genetics

This indica-dominant strain came from crossing Banana OG and Wedding Cake. It is 70% indica and 30% sativa, which makes it more relaxing and euphoric, with hints of energy and creativity.

THC/CBD Content

Banana Cake contains 23% THC content with a very low 1% CBD percentage.


Banana Cake Strain Terpenes

Myrcene is the most abundant terpene found in Banana Cake, which gives it a strong herbal aroma. It also contains limonene and linalool, which give the plant hints of citrus and floral aromas – similar to the Orange Creamsicle strain.

Although more research is needed, anecdotal evidence suggests that terpenes add more to the experience as well as therapeutic effects.


Banana Cake Strain Effects

Many users experience happiness and strong sedative effects when smoking the Banana Cake strain. Whether you are smoking banana cake buds, live resin vapes, or diamonds, you will feel these strong effects that may lock you to your couch.

With potent strains like Banana Cake, we definitely recommend consuming it at home and when you have nothing to do to enjoy the experience and avoid anxiety.


Banana Cake Strain Reported Flavors

Many users report that Banana Cake gives off sweet flavors of tree fruit, honey, and butter – with a creamy banana cake aftertaste.


Banana Cake Strain Growing Info

If you are thinking about growing Banana Cake yourself, it is difficult to harvest and cure because trimming the leaves could be quite tedious. It yields about 1 pound per plant, depending on the area size – but you can always grow them outdoors to guarantee a higher yield.


Strains Like Banana Cake Strain

If you like Banana Cake and you are looking for similar strains, you can try Grape Gushers, which is also a sweet strain. You can also try its parent strains, Wedding Cake and Banana OG, to experience what made Banana Cake so good.


Where To Find Banana Cake Strain

If you are looking to get the Banana Cake strain after reading this review, Melee Dose features one of its newest products – the Banana Cake Diamond Infused THCA Pre Roll. This product is a pre-rolled joint packed with potent THCA flowers and sprinkled with diamonds to bring your high and the sweetness of Banana Cake onto an entirely different level!


Banana Cake Strain: FAQs

What Are The Effects Of Banana Cake?

Some of the most reported effects after smoking Banana Cake are happiness, giggles, relaxation, and hunger. Some of its negative effects include dry eyes and dry mouth.

What Is The Strongest Banana Cake Strain?

The Banana Cake strain has two types. The green phenotype has stronger effects, while the purple phenotype is a lot milder compared to the green type. If you are looking for a more flavorful and potent option, the green Banana Cake strain is excellent.

What Is Banana Cream Cake Strain?

Banana Cream Cake is the same as Banana Cake strain. It is a highly potent weed strain that offers a relaxing and euphoric high with subtle bursts of energy. Smokers report that it is definitely a happy strain that will get you the giggles and get you hungry as the high dies down.

Is Banana Strain A Sativa?

Banana Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It is 70% indica and only 30% sativa, which means Banana Cake gives more of a full, relaxing body high instead of an uplifting high like other sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strains. If you are looking for a strain that could energize you, Banana Cake might not be the best option.

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