Mutant Rope Waitling List

Introducing Melee Mutant Ropes! These unique and highly potent edibles are the perfect choice for cannabis smokers who crave a powerful and flavorful experience. Each rope is loaded with 500mg of Delta-9 THC and HHC, providing an intense burst of tropical flavor with the potent effects of Jungle Juice. 

Unlike other edibles on the market, these ropes offer complete control over your dose size – just rip off a piece as small as 25mg or up to 150mg that delivers serious results lasting up to four hours. This means improved scheduling and fewer wait times for experienced consumers who need it now!  Not only does our rope go from low to high in terms of potency, but its tropical flavor allows for an enjoyable experience with every bite.  

Don’t let your high tolerance for THC edibles stop you from enjoying powerful effects – sign up to be the first to know about this limited edition release.