[Video Review] Blueberry Mutant Cake Review by Chrissy Harless

[Video Review] Blueberry Mutant Cake Review by Chrissy Harless

It's time to make some popcorn and medicate before watching this Melee Dose video review by Chrissy Harless. If this is your first time watching a video review by Chrissy, get ready for an enjoyable, brief, and easy to watch personal story about trying out the new 2000mg HHC Blueberry Mutant Cake Disposable Vape.

The co-founders of Melee Dose, Swaroop and Onyx, have always praised Chrissy's product reviews! The Melee team was thrilled to hear the great feedback Chrissy had to offer with the newest release of disposable vapes and she even addresses some additional gems such as excellent stoner snacks and how to unclog a disposable vape.


Melee Dose 2 Gram Disposable Vape

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